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How to Pack for International Shipping - 6 Shipping Tips


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How to Pack for International Shipping - 6 Shipping Tips

Product packaging is crucial for international eCommerce sellers. Still, many sellers may overlook the importance of how to pack for international shipping. Most sellers feel that the core of international eCommerce is operation. After-sales and logistics are fundamental, and store operation is the main focus.

Product improvement and micro-innovation are things that every international eCommerce seller has been doing in the past two years. Still, any may ignore product packaging for eCommerce international shipping.

Packing Boxes for International Shipping Tips

Good product packaging often affects the customer's buying motivation. Boxed packaged goods in perfect condition make customers less likely to return the product. Besides, good product packaging also helps to reduce product shipping costs.

Regarding how to package boxes for shipping internationally, some sellers overreact while some overlook it. Although people in different countries have different views on the package design, all people have one common requirement for the package. That is the product package should be in good condition.

I will share some practical packing tips for international shipping with you!

1. Use Suitable Box

Over-size boxes will lead to higher shipping costs and waste of packing materials. A box of the right size can reduce the collision between the product and the box. Choose a suitable package and try to pack the goods in different ways to find the best place for the product.

2. Use recycled materials

Some sellers reuse the carton boxes they receive from suppliers. It is practical, but we should never use damaged or broken parcels. Once there is a crack on the box, the force that the carton can withstand will be reduced by 70%.

3. Use suitable packing materials for international shipping

Polystyrene can only withstand one impact force. Compared with it, polyethylene and polyurethane materials have relatively higher strength. Fragile goods must be packed with polystyrene-filled particles or bubble wrap. Use double-layer packaging when necessary. The outside of the box must be marked "Fragile Item."

4. Use more packing materials for unique products

For birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays, eCommerce business merchants should pay more attention to the delivery times and the condition of the goods when they are received.

Besides, you never want your high-priced goods to be lost in the middle of shipping. So use boxes of at least 7x4x4 size to ship products such as jewelry and consumer electronic products. Parcels that are too small are easy to be misplaced or forgotten during shipping. Besides, shipping insurance is a must-have for high-value products.

5. Packaging methods that can protect the goods in various environments

You simulate an experiment to test whether your box packaged goods can protect the products in these tests. Suppose the product packaging can go through any of your harsh tests that may occur in the shipping process, such as temperature differences and humidity conditions. Besides, Make sure it is well packaged and waterproof.

6. Validate the address of the recipient

The shipping label is affixed to the outer packaging box. And online store sellers should put a second shipping label in the shipping box with the product for unexpected incidents. It is best to place a return address on the outer box as well.

  • 1, Some products such as pillows or genuine fabric products, especially baby and children's products, must be packed carefully. You should ensure that they won't be damaged during shipping, especially for international customers. After the packaging is completed, the seller must ensure that the courier can scan the shipping label.

  • 2, Fragile products need to be well protected. Pack them carefully to ensure that it is fixed in the shipping box during shipping. The barcode must be scanned without disassembling the package. Do some impact tests to find the most suitable packing materials and methods.

  • 3, The product expiration date must be printed where it can be seen. If a product needs to be wrapped, it must be re-attached with two labels, one shipping label, and one expiration date label.

  • 4, If you are reusing the used carton boxes, you should tear off or cover all the previous shipping labels to make sure that there is only one shipping label on them.

Final Thought

With more international eCommerce tools like Shopify coming along, more online merchants now have easy to expand internationally. That makes the international eCommerce competition more intense than ever before.

One way to impress your new customers with a great shopping experience is delivering their orders in perfect condition. The easiest thing to do is improve your product package and provide more shipping options.

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  • Integration with 1200+ carriers.
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  • KeyDelivery is free for 500 shipments each month.
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