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6 Types of Boxes & Uses - Boxed Packaged Goods Guides 2022



What Are Boxed Packaged Goods?

Boxed Packaged Goods are products packed using a box. Boxed packaged goods have other names such as Packaged Goods and Boxed Goods. Many sellers use boxed packaging to preserve fragile or high-value items such as electronics, computers, toys, and games.

Boxed packaged goods are well-protected during shipping. That's the reason why sellers use box packaging materials. If you are running an online store, keep in mind that boxes are the best product containers for shipping a product safely to your customers.

6 Types of Box Packaging for Ecommerce Retailers to Consider

You will always encounter a problem when it comes to packing a product. No matter how careful you are, there is still a chance that the boxed packaged goods get damaged during shipping.

This scenario happens every day and leads to loss of business and bad reviews. Still, it will increase the packaging cost and reduce the revenue if we overprotect the goods.

There are 6 kinds of boxes for eCommerce retailers to consider. We will go through the uses of these materials so you can make a sound decision when selecting the most suitable materials for your boxed packaged goods.

#1 Wooden Box

#2 Corrugated Box

#3 Plastic Box

#4 Rigid Box

#5 Cardboard Box

#6 Paperboard Boxes

#1. Wooden Box

Wooden Box Wooden boxes are often used in the outer packaging of high-value goods, such as wine, health care products, and valuable commodities. Wooden box packaging often has fine craft, sophisticated materials, and an exquisite appearance. Therefore, wooden box packaging usually has a solid ornamental and commercial nature.

The wooden packaging boxes are often attached with flannel, EPE, paper, sponge, and foam plastic linings to protect the internal goods from collisions. Due to the exquisite selection of materials, quality, and accessories, the price of wooden box packaging is higher than other packaging materials.

Wooden box manufacturers rarely use logs to make wooden boxes instead of plywood and medium-density fiberboard. While saving costs, the quality packaging is no less than log products.

#2. Corrugated Box

Corrugated box Corrugated boxes are packaging containers made of corrugated cardboard with a hollow structure through a molding process. Corrugated cardboard boxes use various types of cardboard, including single-corrugated, double-corrugated, and triple-corrugated, as packaging materials. The weight of large-scale cardboard boxes can reach 3000 kg.

The uses of corrugated boxes vary, including almost all daily consumer goods, including fruits, vegetables, processed foods, knitted cotton fabrics, glass ceramics, medical drugs, bicycles and household appliances, fine furniture, etc.

#3. Plastic Box

Plastic box Plastic box packaging is made of PVC/PET/PP/PS. They have different forms, such as transparent folding boxes, cylinders, cover boxes, handbags, hangers, etc. Plastic boxed can be UV offset printing, silkscreen printing, hot stamping, matting printing, and other printing effects.

Plastic boxes have the characteristics of permanent packaging, moisture-proof, waterproof, high toughness, strong transportation safety, and improved product quality.

Plastic boxed packaging containers have many advantages, such as low density, lightweight, and easy processing. Product packaging companies often use the plastic box as a food packaging box.

#4. Rigid Box

Rigid box A rigid box is also known as a fixed paper box. Because this kind of carton uses a wide range of materials, many production processes, complex structure, manual production is the primary method.

The production cycle is longer than folding cartons, and the grade and price are relatively high. Therefore, this kind of box is called a "gift box," "hardcover box," and so on.

Rigid boxes are often used in display products, such as cosmetics, jewelry, technology, and high-end luxury couture.

#5. Cardboard Box

Cardboard box To a large extent, cardboard packaging uses its exquisite shape and decoration to promote and beautify products and improve the competitiveness of products. Paper product packaging is the most used type of packaging of industrial products.

Carton is the most basic form of shipping packaging, and cartons are widely used as sales packaging for various products. Sellers will use the paper boxes for food, medicine, and electronics.

#6. Paperboard Boxes

Paper box packaging Paper packaging is a great package container for dry and light food products. It is trendy among those looking for an eco-friendly goods packaging solution.

How to Design for the Boxed Packaged Goods?

How to design for the boxed packaged goods

When consumers choose products, the packaging is influential on their final purchase decision. Especially in large shopping malls, consumers can touch the products and packages on the shelves.

If the product packaging is designed with strong promotion effects, it can help you increase sales. Here are 6 tips for using packaging design to increase sales:

tips for using packaging design to increase sales

1. Know Your Target Audience

The product box design is not just about protecting the product. Those excellent box packaging designers always consider customers' needs and wants first.

Understanding your target audience is important because it increases the probability of succeeding in a highly competitive market. It would be best to resonate with your target audience, preferences, motivation, and buying habits.

A buyer persona is a must-have resource. Hubspot has many free resources for making your buyer persona, including tools, articles, and videos.

2. Make Your Boxed Packaged Goods Look Unique

Making a packaging box look special does not necessarily mean using expensive packaging materials. Some brands have gained a better result even with simple product packaging materials.

You only need to add some packaging box printings, such as layers, textures, or stylish typography, to make unique box packaging. A simple packaging design will be more effective in a visually dazzling market.

3. Create a Surprising Unboxing Experience

There is nothing better than triggering emotional engagement. Suppose You can make the unboxing experience of your boxed packaged goods like unboxing Apple products. In that case, many people will buy from you. The point is to provide your target audience with an enjoyable and surprising hands-on experience.

4. Use Environmentally Friendly Design to Enhance Your Brand Image

Reused or recycled product packaging materials are great for brand image building or product promotion. More than 78% of people will choose environmentally friendly brands. If your product packaging has a positive impact on the environment, you can make great strides in the market.

5. Find Box Design Ideas

It is not easy to find great packaging ideas on your own. You can try browsing image websites like Pinterest and Canva to find types of box inspiration. You should not overlook your existing customer and colleagues' ideas. They know the product well, so they have more insights into the packaging options.

6. Ensure Your Product Packaging Suppliers Understand Your Needs for Boxed Packaged Goods Shipping

The shipping box should be designed to protect the goods and the package. It would be helpful to share the details of the products you are selling with your custom box manufacturers. Once they know what products you are selling, they will offer suitable packaging materials suggestions for you.

package design


Your product packaging boxes should clearly state what makes your brand unique. While maintaining normal functions, try to think outside the box and focus on how packaging can improve the overall consumer experience.

Remember that colors and images of the packaging box design can subtly influence customers' emotions and decision-making. Hiring an experienced box package designer or design team is wise to bring your brand image to life through packaging. They will help you choose the right design and color scheme to evoke any mood you want to create.

The return on investment packaging far exceeds your expectations in the long run. First, it is the easiest way to create a unique identity for your business and differentiate yourself from the competition. Once people perceive your brand positively, it will increase sales over time.

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  • KeyDelivery is free for 500 shipments each month.
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