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Streamline Magento Domestic & International Shipping

You don't need to haggle with carriers for shipping rate discounts. We help you find the best Magento shipping rates to deliver orders worldwide.

Offer a Better Shopping Experience

Your customers can track their order updates anywhere at any time. Our customized mobile response all-in-one tracking page helps your brand interact more with your customers.


Make Your Customers Remember You

The branded global tracking pages have more room for your product promotion or brand story. Recommend more products to your customer when they track their Magento order status.

Shipping Data Analysis

Reviewing past shipping data helps improve the shipping experience and reduce costs. By analyzing past situations, you can find out why problems keep repeating and solve them.


Track Magento Shipping Status

KeyDelivery supports order tracking over 1200 carriers worldwide. No matter which carriers you choose, your customer can always receive the correct updates timely.

Save Time for Business Growth

Automate your Magento order tracking work. Our carrier auto-detection & order status auto-update service help you improve work efficiency and reduce mistakes.

Get Magento Shipping Discount For Free
Magento international shipping carriers

Magento Ecommerce Shipping Solution

Integration with over 1200 international and domestic carriers made easy. We support China Post, 4PX, USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, and many other carriers. Magento carrier integration is easy with KeyDelivery. We help you find the best Magento carrier partner.

Magento Integration

KeyDelivery passes and follows all Magento tests and compliance. There is no complicated integration and disruptions to your existing business flow. You can efficiently finish the integration with a few clicks.

How Magento Shipping Apps Works

  • Sign Up
  • Connect Your Magento Store
  • Sync Your Order
  • Ship & Track Your Order
  • Monitor All Orders

How Magento Order Fulfillment API Works

  • Sign Up
  • Get Magento API Integration KEY
  • Set up Magento Tracking API & Shipping API Integration
  • Set up Magento Shipping Options
  • Track Magento Order Status

How Your Customers Experience

  • Place Orders
  • Receive Tracking ID & Link
  • Track Orders On Your Branding Page
  • View Order Status & Your Promotion

Benefits of Using KeyDelivery

A shipping rate discount is not all we offer. There are more features for your business growth.

Easy Software Integration

Keydelivery will sync your orders with a few clicks, and everything is needed seamlessly in minutes. It won't distrust your current workflow and other eCommerce third-party software integration at all.

Handy Shipping Management

Track your shipping and record all the data for sales improvement. You can find the most suitable solutions to reduce shipping costs and make data-driven optimization by reviewing the past data.

Tailed Branding Pages

You can design your tracking page with your brand elements without extra cost. Promote your product based on their purchase history and the possible products they need.

Partner Carriers Management

Already work with your carriers at the best shipping rate? Connect and manage them in KeyDelivery. Make your eCommerce shipping and tracking straightforward and troubleless.

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