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Top 12 Best Courier Companies for eCommerce in NA & EU


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In 2020, due to Covid-19, city lockdowns, social distancing, and preventative measures had brought a significant challenge to the parcel business. But the crisis has also led to an unexpected surge for the delivery industry in the meantime.

The parcel delivery industry has been in rapid growth during the pandemic. The international shipping market is valued at $262.86 billion in 2020 and is expected to double that market value by 2030.

There are many players in the shipping industry. Only the ones with the most competitive price and productivity can stand out in the market. This competitiveness includes transportation speed, areas covered, number of post offices, capacity, service quality, and price.

Here are our top 12 selected courier companies in NA & EU based on the factors above.

1- DHL

2- FedEx

3- UPS

4- DPD

5- Royalmail

6- General Logistics Systems (GLS)

7- Canada Post

8- Postnl

9- La Poste

10- Swiss Post

11- SEUR

12- BRT

13- Hermes Group

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1. DHL


Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL) is the world's largest provider of courier service, supply chain, freight transportation, express, and parcel delivery services. They employ over 55,000 people worldwide and assist in over 220 countries. DHL has a clear leadership position in Germany and worldwide,with almost six percent of the global market share.

DHL is also regarded as the best courier partner for eCommerce in India. Many international or local online retailers will choose DHL as their eCommerce shipping company choice. If you are selling products to Indian customers, DHL is a safe option for you.

Headquarters: Bonn, ‎Germany

Revenue: 66.8 billion euros (2020)

Service Points: 84,000 Service Points,3 Global Hubs & 19 Regional Hubs

Vehicles: 36,300

Aircraft: 684+

DHL Carrier Tracking API Support

2. FedEx


FedEx offers a diverse range of transportation, e-commerce, and enterprise services to consumers and companies worldwide. It provides logistics services to more than 220 countries and regions, employing over 57,000 people globally.

FedEx has more than 30% market share in the express market in North American, ranking first. FedEx is also a famous courier in India, and it provides eCommerce courier service in India.

Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Revenue: 84 billion US dollars

Service Points: 77,000

Vehicles: 87,000

Aircraft: 468+

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3. UPS

UPS is the world's largest package delivery company and a premier provider of global supply chain solutions. In 2020, they served 1.7 million shipping customers and more than 11.8 million delivery customers daily.

In addition to maintaining a leading position in the US, UPS achieved a 12.1% increase in its international business.

Headquarters: Atlanta, ‎Georgia, United States

Revenue: $84.6 billion

Service Points: 21,000 within the US and 40,000 globally

Vehicles: 127,000

Aircraft: 284+

UPS Delivery API integration Support

4. DPD

DPD is one of Europe's leading parcel groups and is owned by France's La Poste. Its brands are DPD, Colissimo and Chronopost, Seur and BRT. They have the largest parcel delivery network in Europe.

In 2020, DPDgroup delivered 1.9 billion parcels worldwide, and more than half (55%) of the parcels delivered were B2C. More than 23 countries can be

Headquarters: Issy Les Moulineaux, France

Revenue: $11 billion euros

Pickup Points: 46,000

Vehicles: 50,000

DPD Shipping API Support

5. Royalmail

Royal Mail PLC is a postal and delivery service company from the United Kingdom. The company's subsidiary, Royal Mail Group Limited, operates the brands Royal Mail (letters) and Parcelforce Worldwide (parcels).

Parcels represent 72% of Group revenue, and B2C business represents half of the volume. In 2020, the total parcel volumes increased by 16% and reached 1,735 million.

Headquarters: London, England, UK‎

Revenue: £12.6 billion British pounds

Local Collect Networks: 11,200

Vehicles: 51,000

Royalmail Courier Tracking API Support

6. General Logistics Systems (GLS)

GLS is also a subsidiary of Royal Mail Group. It is one of the largest ground-based deferred parcel operators in Europe. GLS is present in 40 countries, mainly focuses on the European market.

In 2020, revenue growth was achieved in the majority of GLS's developed European markets. Its logistics solutions are one of the best courier services in the world.

Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Revenue: £3,161 million British pounds

ParcelShops: 25,000

Vehicles: 28,000 delivery vehicles as well as approx. 4,000 trucks

GLS Express API integration Support

7. Canada Post

Canada Post is the primary postal service and package delivery service provider in Canada. Its subsidiaries are Purolator Holdings Ltd, SCI Group Inc, and Innocapost Inc.

In 2020, Canada post delivered 6.3 billion emails, and parcels with revenue grew by $699 million, or 25.0 percent, compared to 2019.

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada

Revenue: $9.3 billion, $2.2 billion from Purolator, and $329 million from SCI

Post Office: 6200 in Canada

Vehicles: 13000

Canada Post Courier API Integration Support

8. Postnl

PostNL is a Dutch mail, parcel, and eCommerce courier company operating in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

On average, Postnl delivers 8.1 million letters and 1.1 million parcels per working day. Its overall avenue increased 14% over last year.

Headquarters: Den Haag, Netherlands

Revenue: 3.25 billion euros

Retail Locations: 4286

Sorting Centers: 31

Postnl API Integration Support

9. La Poste

La Poste is one of the well-known logistics companies in Europe. In addition to the mail business, La Poste is also developing parcel business.

Headquarters: Paris, France

Revenue: 31.185 million euros (2020)

Pickup points: 58,000

Vehicles: 6,800 cars, 7,400 Stabys, 1,300 electric Quadeos and 18,800 electric bicycles

La Poste API Support

10. Swiss Post

Swiss Post is one of the best-known logistics service providers in Switzerland. In 2020, Swiss Post generated a Group profit of 178 million francs, down 77 million francs year on year, while Swiss Post delivered around 23 percent more parcels.

Headquarters: Bern, Switzerland

Revenue: 272 million Swiss francs

Branch: 2000

Vehicles: 22,800

Swiss Post Tracking API Support

11. SEUR

SEUR is a pioneer company in express transport in Spain with a 75-year history. It belongs to DPDgroup and has three main businesses: international commerce, e-commerce, and B2B. In 2020, it managed to deliver about 8 million packages.

Headquarters: Madrid, Spain

Revenue: 376 million euros

Pickup point: 2500

Vehicles: 6,500

SEUR Shipping API Support

12. BRT

BRT is Italy's leading delivery express service provider. They are part of the DPD Group, and they deliver all types of shipments. WIth branch every 50 km in Itay, BRT guarantees a better and faster service in Italy. BRT provides more than 650 000 parcels per day.

Headquarters: Bologna, Italy

Revenue: €1.4 billion(2019)

Branch: 190

Facilities: 11 facilities in Italy and around 300,000 m^2 of warehouses,

BRT Shipping API Support

13. Hermes Group

Hermes Europe GmbH is a multinational delivery company. Hermes e is present in the most critical European e-commerce markets with its own parcel companies. In 2019/20, it transported a record 928 million shipments 2019/20.

Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany

Revenue: 2.54 billion euro

ParcelShops: 44,600

Parcel processing sites: 32

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  • Integration with 1200+ carriers.
  • Access the best discounts for USPS, DHL, UPS, and more.
  • KeyDelivery is free for 500 shipments each month.
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