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12 Best eCommerce APIs in 2022-Logistics, Payment & More


What Is An API & How API works?

API (Application Programming Interface) is some predefined interfaces (such as functions, HTTP interface) or refers to the agreement between different software systems.

API enables users to use a set of functions that developers can access without accessing or rewriting the source code or learning the details of the internal working mechanism.

What Is Ecommerce API?

Ecommerce API is a sub-category of API. E-commerce API helps developers transfer information from one eCommerce program to another and use all the features in one destinated program.

API is an extensible platform integrated with various solutions. Ecommerce companies can use existing functions provided by the e-commerce platforms or other suppliers without building a new program to manage all functions.

What Is The Benefits of Third-party Ecommerce API Integration?

Using a third-party API is easy. You can quickly deploy the program and save time focusing on the core product. The third-party API provider will maintain all the accesses.

For example, use a third-party shipping API. The provider will offer universal API documentation for integrating all shipping carriers' APIs. In other words, you can finish multiple carriers' API integration at one time and don't have to integrate the API according to the different languages and requirements of various carriers.

12 Easy-to-use Ecommerce Web Service APIs

There is a third-party API list. You can use the list as a reference to find the best eCommerce APIs you need or use it as an eCommerce API comparison.

Ecommerce Platform API

The following APIs are considered the best eCommerce platform APIs by users worldwide. Let's take a look at their main features and prices.

#1 Shopify API

Shopify API

The Shopify API is a robust tool that offers you multiple features to provide enhanced solutions to your Shopify-based online store customers. The Shopify API supports both XML and JSON, and works with such types of HTTP requests as GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE

Main Features:

  • ● Admin API

  • ● Storefront API

  • ● Partner API

  • ● Liquid

  • ● Ajax API


Storefront API is free to use, and another API is free. Of course, some API needs to subscribe to the Shopify Premium Plan.

#2 Amazon Ecommerce API

Amazon API

Amazon API allows developers to access the logic, data, and functionality of Amazon from backend services. Amazon's developer products and services can help you make a great shopping experience for your customers.

Main Features:

  • ● Product Advertising API

  • ● Amazon Reviews API

  • ● Amazon Affiliate API

  • ● Amazon Shipping API

  • ● Amazon Price API


The product advertising API is free. If you use its API calls over 1 million, you'll have to pay for using it.

#3 Woocommerce API

Woocommerce API

WooCommerce API is an extension of WordPress. The Woocommerce API allows an application to interact with WordPress's functionality. One can use the WooCommerce API to read, create, update, and delete data in your eCommerce store.

Main Features:

  • ● Payments

  • ● Shipping

  • ● Marketing

  • ● Subscriptions

  • ● Enhancements

  • ● Store Management


It costs about $10/month to cover the basic features. For large-scale WooCommerce websites, total annual costs could be upwards of $1,000.

#4 Magento Ecommerce API

Magento API

Magento API is an excellent method to maximize web services. It helps developers to manage the eCommerce store with the Magneto system.

Main Features:

  • ● Page Builder

  • ● Cloud Delivery

  • ● Live Search

  • ● Order Management

  • ● Progressive Web Apps

  • ● Product Recommendations

  • ● Amazon Sales Channel

  • ● Shipping API

  • ● Financing


Magento Open Source ($15,000+). Magento Commerce ($22,000+). Magento Commerce Cloud ( $40,000+)

#5 Best Buy Commerce API

Best Buy Commerce API

Best Buy's easy-to-use catalog of APIs gives users access to a wide range of data across the history of BestBuy.com, including product, store, category, and more. Best Buy offers an official API you can use to query information about products, prices, stores, inventory, reviews, and much more!

Main Features:

  • ● Products API

  • ● Categories API

  • ● Stores API

  • ● Recommendations API

  • ● Buying Options API

  • ● Commerce API (Invite Only)


The API is free to use.

#6 Bigcommerce API

Bigcommerce API

Bigcommerce API enables programmers to retrieve a store's order data, product catalog information. Besides, developers can create new products and troubleshoot storefront errors.

Main Features:

  • ● Abandoned Cart Saver

  • ● Bulk Ordering

  • ● CRM

  • ● Cataloging/Categorization

  • ● Channel Management

  • ● Chat/Messaging

  • ● Inventory Control

  • ● Inventory Management


The standard plan,$29.95/mo; Plus plan$71.95/mo; Pro plan $269.96/mo

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Payment GateWay API

#7 PayPal


PayPal is a comprehensive online payment solution designed to serve online and offline businesses and your clients, whether you're just getting started or already a thriving enterprise or marketplace.

Main Features:

  • ● Barcode / Ticket Scanning

  • ● Billing & Invoicing

  • ● Billing Portal

  • ● Cash Management

  • ● Check Fraud Detection


The price starts from $0.04/month.

#8 Stripe


Stripe is an online payment for online businesses. Whether managing a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store, or a crowdfunding platform, Stripe's meticulously-designed APIs and functionality help users create the best possible product for their users.

Main Features:

  • ● ACH Payment Processing

  • ● API

  • ● Accounting

  • ● Accounting Integration

  • ● Activity Dashboard

  • ● Billing & Invoicing


The price starts from $0.30. Usage-Based

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Order Management & Shipping API

#9 KeyDelivery

KeyDelivery API

KeyDelivery's Logistics APIs have all the features and integrations you need for shipping, label printing, package tracking, address validation, and order management. It supports over 1200 carriers globally.

Main Features:

  • ● Online document

  • ● Real-time Tracking Webhooks

  • ● Shipment Status Auto-update

  • ● Carrier Auto-detection

  • ● Global Address Validation


If the request is under 50 shipments per month, it is free. Several payment plans are available for extended usage, starting from $9/month.

#10 17track

17track is a package tracking platform for both individual and business users. As a global all-in-one package tracking platform, it supports 700+ couriers worldwide.

Main Features:

  • ● Exception alerts

  • ● Shipment Update notification

  • ● Automatic notifications


The API is free for use if your order is under 100 shipments per month.

Other eCommerce API Open Sources

These are the APIs for eCommerce websites that need to process many product information and country or region information.

#11 Makeup

It is a makeup brand and product information lookup API. It is an excellent API for beauty eCommerce stores. Most importantly, it is free for all users.

#12 REST Countries

REST Countries is a country information lookup API. Internation store owners can get the best of this API because they can find all the country information using this API. It is free.


That's the list of popular eCommerce APIs. We hope you will find this content useful. To use the APIs above or others, you need someone familiar with programming languages to integrate eCommerce API. Don't forget to send the API documentation to your developers.

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Grow your business with KeyDelivery!

  • Integration with 1200+ carriers.
  • Access the best discounts for USPS, DHL, UPS, and more.
  • KeyDelivery is free for 500 shipments each month.
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