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UPS vs USPS : Pricing & Features Comparison - KeyDelivery


Let’s begin the UPS vs. USPS argument by identifying the best service for the e-commerce business. The USPS(United States Postal Service) is ideal for deliveries that pay less than 13 pounds. Comparing the attributes of UPS(United Parcel Services), the shipping rates offer a better value. Heavier packages are transported safely with quality assurance protocols in place. Furthermore, UPS also provides tracking updates in real-time so the clients can supervise where their packages are. As a result, in the UPS vs. USPS argument, the UPS service is appropriate for transporting items internationally.

However, the final decision rests in the hand of the e-commerce owners. Online merchandise sellers are constantly studying the UPS versus USPS comparisons to identify the service which would yield the best results. The option picked is expected to add value to the service and result in client satisfaction.

Today’s discussion focuses on the** differences between UPS and USPS**. Before we move forward with the argument, let us mention that both services are unique in their capacity. We will study their advantages and letdowns so you can decide on the best option for your e-commerce store:


The Difference between UPS and USPS

Is UPS and USPS the same? A short history lesson is appropriate for the reader to deeply understand the difference between UPS and USPS. Initially speaking, USPS is a federal department of the US government. It works independently in Postal Service at local and international levels. The United States Postal Service is well known for delivering sealed documents and small items nationwide and globally. Its headquarters is in Washington, DC. The United States Postal Service was created in 1775, and the entire organization was restructured in 1971.

Now let’s learn about UPS. UPS is famous for forwarding freight and providing logistical services. The other well-known Courier company is called United Parcel Service. The platform is a publicly listed company on the Stock Exchange. UPS domestic shipping rates are affordable and reasonably priced for the average user. The company was established in 1907, with its headquarters in Sandy Springs, GA.

Introduction to UPS and USPS Business Services

The next element to discuss in the UPS vs. USPS is comparing their services. Both courier companies provide individualistic services accordingly.

USPS Services

The United States Postal Service is the perfect choice for online shops and e-commerce companies. The USPS delivers the smaller items safely in the mail. Here is a detailed description of its features

1. Media mail

The service is reserved for packages such as educational videos, transcription, presentations, and audio files. The clients must follow USPS guidelines for the media they send. In other words, the package must not be offensive and racially inappropriate. Compliance with ethical codes is mandatory. The item must not weigh more than 70 pounds. Delivery is guaranteed between two to eight days.

2. Retail Ground

Another popular feature of the United States Postal Service is reserved for oversized items. It is an inexpensive option compared to the item’s dimensions. The time sensitivity does not apply in Retail Ground.

3. Priority Mail

The third USPS service will ensure the items reach in one to three business days. A flat rate is applicable for packages weighing less than seventy pounds.

4. First Class Mail

This United States Postal Service feature is reserved for envelopes and smaller items weighing less than 13 pounds. The package will reach its destination in one to three days.

5. Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Express delivers the packages fast by USPS. The items will reach their destinations overnight. The service is active throughout the week.


1. UPS Ground

The feature is the most basic shipping service. It is also the most economical option too. The affordable UPS Ground service is perfect for packages requiring immediate delivery. The items will reach their destinations between one to five business days, excluding public holidays. The shipping time varies with the average delivery time of fewer than three days.

You can opt for other features if you require an immediate delivery in the following business days. The UPS 2nd Day Air delivers on the second business day

The UPS 3 Day Select means the package will reach its destination on the third weekday from the post date.

2. UPS Next Day Air

The next day delivery is essential in learning the differences between UPS and USPS. The UPS Next Day Air will deliver the items the next day. Furthermore, sensitive and regular items are returned to the destination the following day. The feature is subdivided into Early and Saver.

The early feature delivers in the afternoon. In contrast, Saver offers a delivery time after four pm local time.

3. UPS Critical

The last feature to learn about is strategically called UPS Critical for super-fast deliveries. The service is active day and night, seven days a week, without pauses. However, the shipping rates differ according to the chosen destination and shipping method. Unfortunately, it is expensive due to the rushed logistics.

UPS Ground vs. USPS Priority Mail

Priority mail and ground logistics are some of the most reliable services provided by the two Courier companies under discussion. Here is its overview:


ComparingUPS ground vs. USPS priority mail, the former component is a better option. USPS priority mail is an inexpensive approach to transport items than UPS Ground. The benefits of monumental are if the thing pays less than two pounds. Furthermore, the USPS priority feature presents flat rates. This means you can send numerous articles to the destination without complicated paperwork.


The second component to consider in the UPS Ground vs. USPS Priority discussion is the speed of delivery. The United States Postal Service offers superior speed. It will deliver items to the destination within two to three business days. On the other hand, UPS will take up to two weeks for the same delivery on UPS Ground.


A courier service without tracking will quickly become obsolete in these digitalized times. It provides safety and security to customers on an international and nationwide scale. The tracking feature also results in repetitive clients and company loyalty. Unfortunately, the United States Postal Service has a lax tracking system. Therefore, it is investing in improving its logistical methods. Fortunately, the UPS office is credible in tracking real-time assessments. The credible feature has built a strong reputation in the logistical sector.

USPS Priority Mail vs. UPS Ground: Which is more efficient?

Both logistic services provide overnight delivery. However, the average time for USPS Priority Mail to reach the recipient is 1.79 days. Comparing it to UPS Ground, it is 2.75 days. Therefore, it is evident that the United State Postal Service is speedier than UPS.

The delivery time is crucial to an e-commerce shop where the senders prefer USPS to UPS. Unfortunately, there is no clear winner in USPS Priority Mail vs. UPS Ground battle as the decision is based on economic and personal preferences.

UPS vs. USPS Shipping Rates Comparisons

Following is a UPS vs. USPS comparison for delivering a 10kg package:

Courier Service Cost No of working days Time of Delivery
USPS Retail Ground US $68.30 5 At the day’s end
USPS Priority Mail 2-Day at a flat rate US $21.10 3 At the day’s end
USPS Priority Mail 2-Day US $81.80 3 At the day’s end
USPS Priority Mail 1-Day US $163.70 1 15:00
UPS Ground US $57.39 4 At the day’s end
UPS 3-Day Select US $105.60 3 At the day’s end
UPS 2nd Day Air US $169.35 2 At the day’s end
UPS Next Day Air US $226.56 1 10:00-11:00
UPS Next Day Air Early US $257.54 1 8:00

USPS Pros and Cons

Why use USPS for shipping?

  • The United States Postal service delivers to the most remote areas. Its network is very wide and expertly managed too. Furthermore, the courier service is also a leader in providing door-to-door service, regardless of the region. As a result, their logistics result in business exposure which translates to more customers. Client satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • USPS does not include fuel surcharges, unlike the competitors. Furthermore, USPS will not charge you for deliveries on a Saturday, changing addresses, or delivery to a remote area. The price that appears on the shipping label is the price you pay. There are no additional or hidden costs.

  • The United States Postal Service will deliver the package in one to three business days. The lead time is faster than other logistical competitors in the market. Furthermore, you can expect faster deliveries using the FedEx Ground services. Click here to assess how long the items will take to reach long-route destinations.

  • Have you heard of the USPS flat rate? The universal shipment rate stays the same regardless of the distance. However, the charges will change when the package weighs more than 70 pounds. Otherwise, the shipment costs will not vary as long as the item fits in the USPS Flat Rate packaging. It is usually an excellent option for smaller items that can survive long journeys.

  • The USPS has dramatically improved tracking and logistical mapping. Due to heavy criticism from USPS users, the courier service is modernizing its services. The user can now scan for their packages 13 times. Furthermore, the tracking number is constantly updated and conveyed via the registered phone number or a text message.

  • Lastly, USPS also offers PO boxes and mailbox services as part of its diversification strategy to provide logistics. It also offers free packaging material, which further saves shipment costs

USPS Limitations

Unfortunately, USPS is not the ideal logistic provider for heavy items. The package must not weigh more than 70 pounds. Moreover, the dimensions of the package must not exceed the combined length of 108 inches. Larger packages are shipped through the USPS Retail Ground Service the US post office.

Secondly, their customer services are less dedicated than other couriers providing e-commerce services. Since their deliveries are in massive amounts, it means delayed deliveries. Furthermore, the United States Postal Service also has scanning issues. Therefore, USPS is not a wise option if you are searching for rushed deliveries.

UPS Pros and Cons

A business must understand the differences between UPS and USPS since the logistics vary according to the operations.

UPS advantages

UPS offers many expedited shipping features. There is next-day delivery and same-day delivery too. The quick service ensures the customers receive their parcels on time. As a result, prompt delivery generates goodwill and brand loyalty, both important components to survive the cutthroat market competition.

When we compare UPS vs. USPS shipping rates, we realize UPS is the inexpensive option because of its out-light rates. Furthermore, UPS offers packages to be delivered in volume, something UPS does not. According to the volume, the sender can negotiate lower rates. The flexibility ensures businesses can ship long and small qualities freely.

UPS tracking ability is one the most robust in the market. One cannot compare its efficacy and credibility to the other tracking systems. Its user interface offers advanced tracking for sellers and customers. You can identify where the packages are at any time without worrying about in-transit accidents.

There are numerous in-stores services too. The employees at UPS will pack the packages securely. As a result, the items stay in excellent condition throughout their journey. Furthermore, the customer representatives are also extremely cooperative and empathic to build a strong connection with the client.

UPS limitations

An in-depth** UPS vs. USPS** analysis reveals higher items ship using UPS at an expensive cost. Since the price varies according to weight, the client may face heavy shipment charges. UPS is infamous for adding many surcharges and hidden fees on heavier items. The tariffs increase if the items have an international destination. Therefore, study the mean weight of your package before hiring UPS. UPS does not offer free deliveries on Saturdays. Furthermore, the logistics result in slow progress or delay if the customer does not pay additional fees for a Saturday delivery.

Final Words

UPS vs. USPS argument is very time-consuming and tiring. It is a tough decision for businesses to decide which logistical service to hire. However, it is still informative to perform UPS vs. USPS shipping rates for a direct assessment of shopping costs to preserve the company’s reputation. The primary decision is based on speedy logistics, an inexpensive approach, and overall performance in the sector.

Here are the findings:

UPS is the better choice for urgent deliveries to the customers. It provides secure logistics for heavier packages too. Moreover, UPS is also an expert in overseas packaging and shipping items internationally. Lastly, UPS domestic shipping rates are also favorable.

In contrast, the United States Postal Service is mainly known for nationwide item delivery, such as envelopes and smaller packages. Their flat rate is also extremely inexpensive in the market since it is publicly funded. Most clients of USPS consist of online and other smaller businesses.

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Grow your business with KeyDelivery!

  • Integration with 1200+ carriers.
  • Access the best discounts for USPS, DHL, UPS, and more.
  • KeyDelivery is free for 500 shipments each month.
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