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Which Are the Best Courier Services in the UK - 2022 Updated List



The United Kingdom is one of the few most prosperous economies globally. It has steadily grown with supportive macroeconomic indicators for at least five hundred years. The UK has a rich colonial past with its limitless trade wealth. The strategy has allowed the UK to grow its e-commerce sector and further facilitate its economic growth.

The most associated sector with e-commerce is logistics. Delivering parcels and communicating with the customers are their primary responsibilities. We present a list of best courier companies in the UK that do their job well.


Top 6 Best Shipping Companies for eCommerce in the UK

1. Hermes

The list of the best courier services UK begins with Hermes. It has provided international shipping since its inception. The company is owned by Otto Group, which hosts a widespread network of more than 20 countries closely linked with their operation. The company employs more than 150,000 employees and works with 100 plus English retailers. Hermes' contribution to local business growth and wide customer base is undeniable.

Hermes is well known for its prompt deliveries, which makes it more trustworthy. Moreover, the courier company specializes in bulk deliveries and promotes international trade through its extensive network. It also provides an in-house tracking platform that lets users stay updated with their packages. Hermes also provides a sales return service in addition to its efficient logistics.

Hermes also practices extensive sustainability to preserve the environment. In fact, the courier service in the UK has been an active participant in climate change and preservation. It is part of their corporate goal. As a result, Hermes has successfully managed to eliminate carbon dioxide by 38%. It continues to avoid waste and offset CO2previouslyemitted through its operations.

With optimal sustainability, Hermes intends to make transport efficient such as neutral shipping for immediate effects. Lastly, it also plans to grow its logistic network as well.

2. Royal Mail

The second on the list of best UK couriers is a more obvious mention. Royal Mail is one of the oldest delivery systems in the UK. The English Government created the Royal Mail in 1516. Since then, it has broadened its network in more than 230 countries with a continuously increasing workforce. It has successfully stayed operational for more than five centuries with its reliable service.

  • Royal Mail is expert in transporting parcels and other content. Furthermore, it also manages parcel returns too. In addition, Royal Mail also provides marketing suggestions to businesses to help them increase customers. Features include:
  • The AddressNow Capture tool ensures the packages are delivered to the right address. Royal Mail understands that missed deliveries can be annoying and lose valuable time.
  • Royal Mail also offers Local Collect. The recipient is informed via email or text that the parcel is ready for collection at the local post office. The feature eliminates wastage.
  • Same-day delivery is also possible all year around without pause. The feature is excellent for urgent deliveries within the hour, with a success rate of 98%.

The online tracking feature and non-mandatory signature ease the delivery procedure. It builds business confidence among the customers with an enhanced purchasing experience.

3. Yodel

Yodel is also one of the most reliable shipping companies in the UK. It is also on the list of best courier companies in UK that offer logistics services. The company was created in 2008. If you are wondering if Yodel is part of a rebranded service, you are correct. Yodel was previously called Home Delivery Network.

Yodel employs more than ten thousand employees to deliver products to the doorstep by working with its 50 warehouses. In case you didn’t know, Yodel also offers services in the Middle East as its professional network continues to grow.

Yodel is well known for offering customized services to its clients, including businesses and non-profit organizations. Its express delivery ensures the package reaches the destination within one to two days. Furthermore, the logistic company also delivers to well over 200 countries. Yodel will expertly ship sensitive items to avoid the customer worrying.

Moreover, the yodel tracking feature allows the customer to read the logistics without worrying about when the products will provide. Yodel will also return your deliveries if the content is dissatisfactory. The service is best for deliveries within the same day or tomorrow.


The best courier companies UK also includes DTDC. It is an international courier company that was created in 1990. Its reliable shipping and expert delivery quickly surfaced as the customer's favourite. Its network is efficiently working in the UK and other countries. The logistic company has an operating core of more than 35,000 people. Moreover, its e-commerce business approach has spread to more than 240 countries.

DTDC offers courier delivery and warehousing services. Moreover, e-commerce fulfilment centres are also part of their portfolio. The company provides exclusive small business postage options for UK delivery to promote healthy competition in the market.

In addition to the features above, DTDC supervises reverse logistics for businesses of all scales. One of the newest additions is 3PL delivery services. The courier service is an expert in cross-border deliveries and trade. DTDC offers consolidation, off-shore, custom, line hail, and e-fulfilment services. They have recently integrated PUDO, Local Hyper Services, and Locker Systems into its long list of features.

DTDC is the best delivery company UK for its cost-effective and affordable approach to e-commerce. The logistic provider has been successfully running for over two decades as it expands its operations to over 10,000locations.

5. Agility Parcel Shipment Service Partner

If you are thinking of the best UK courier service that has been coyly named, the following option may catch your eye. Agility was established as a premiere best courier for small businesses UK in 1979. Since then, it has withstood the competition by adopting technology into its logistics. Agility Parcel Shipment Service Partner delivers to more than 40 countries. Furthermore, it ships products from British businesses to over 200 countries globally.

The company focuses on value-added service and specialization in the logistic sector. Therefore, it trains and hires professionals with a limited staff of less than sixteen thousand worldwide employees. Agility is an expert in supply chain management and freight handling. However, it also hands reverse logistics as well. Agility aims to promote cross-border physical and digital trade by offering solutions associated with customs challenges. Agility is also an expert in air freight and same-day delivery.

Agility actively participates in growing markets in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. It is also expanding its operations in industrial real estate to tackle the logistic needs ahead of its competitors. Agility invests in sustainability and technology to re-shape the logistical requirement for the cheapest shipping for small businesses in the UK.

6. TNT Express

TNT is an unforgettable part of the UK shipping companies’ ecosystem. It is famous for its reliable courier and logistical services. Even though it is operated and owned by FedEx, it is a separate logistical identity in the market and one paper. TNT offers the rates for cheapest shipping for small businesses in the UK. Its network has continuously spread to more than 200 countries worldwide. The logistical company delivers products with expert supervision.

TNT also offers express delivery and international shipping. TNT Express is a solution-based provider that allows companies to ship bulky products. The courier company wishes to promote small, medium, and large-scale businesses through its growing logistical network. Furthermore, TNT also plays an active solution-based role in the manufacturing, healthcare, and public sector.

TNT also does not compromise on quality assurance. Many globally recognized and external organizations recognize its robust efforts. These awards are received and accepted on a national scale. TNT is proudly certified with the ISO 9001 Certificate, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 4001. The courier service understands each document's importance, whether it is a parcel, a legal document, or a consignment.

Factors to Consider When Hiring the Best Delivery Company in the UK

Physical Delivery

The best UK courier is aware of increasing mail fraud and fake delivery incidents. In this unfortunate scenario, the package is updated as delivered but does not reach its destination. The missed delivery puts the customer and businesses at heavy losses since the revenue is reduced. Furthermore, it also hurts the company's reputation too.

To avoid these scams from becoming a regular occurrence, UK shipping companies ask for proof of deliverance. The practice is associated with every package delivered, where the employee must authenticate the last step. Therefore, businesses rely on couriers to ensure the parcels reach their destination.


The logistic process is challenging. It can be dangerous at times too. Transporting goods from one location to another involves theft, loss, and potential damage. These occurrences could occur due to manmade mistakes or natural disasters. Therefore, businesses must hire credible UK shopping companies to minimize loss while ensuring the products are delivered without harm.

Companies can search for the best UK courier with an uncontested reputation for delivering items. Furthermore, the companies must also inquire about the insurance couriers' offer against the item's value. It will prevent future misunderstandings from occurring. Additionally, it will make it easier to recover the loss too.


Specialization in the logistics sector is not unheard of. The term means the UK shipping companies are focused on one more area of expertise. Typical examples include cross-border trading, e-commerce, or promoting products from small businesses. These fields represent the nature of services offered to achieve certain goals. Picking the correct courier services means your business objectives are easier to actualize.

You must understand the specialization needs and reasons before hiring a courier service. It will benefit your supply chain, business, and customer. The companies can also look for logistic providers that are experts in the same industry they operate in to maximize the advantages.

Market Understanding

Let's not forget we are talking about the United Kingdom! It is a first-world country with a developed and growing economy. It is fueled by a motivated labour force, a growing industry, and a prosperous economy. Therefore, the best courier services UK must come prepared to match the demand and accommodate the fast-paced requirement.

The biggest shipping companies know how competitive the local and international markets are. Failure to comply with the trends means they risk losing their clients. Therefore, they must offer attractive features such as express delivery, day courier, package tracking, overnight delivery, and next-day delivery.

No Hidden Costs

Courier companies worldwide are notorious for mentioning hidden costs in their contracts with clients. Even though it may not seem like an issue, it adversely affects the revenue when it is time to pay the courier service. It may reduce engagement, increase shopping costs, and burden the clients/customers unnecessarily.

The best courier services UK do not resort to hidden costs. Everything is included at face value to generate trust and credibility. However, it is also up to the clients to read the contract extensively. They can discuss the agreement or counter propose the terms for a new contract against the offered services.

Best Tracking and Sshipping API for E-Commerce in UK - KeyDelivery

KeyDelivery is a multi-carrier integrated platform with exclusive logistic discounts for businesses. We offer the lowest rates for USPS, FedEx, DHL, and many others. KeyDelivery is an excellent platform to integrate with your e-commerce platform. It will synchronize all the procedures, including sales and deliveries. Register with KeyDelivery to experience the following features:

  • It sends customers parcel notifications with the carrier’s name and number. They can track the parcel with our multiple channels to reduce the query burden on the customer support team.
  • Key Delivery will also help you generate sales with its on-brand tracking page. You can lead the customers to track their orders while purchasing at your online store.
  • KeyDelivery is an amalgamation of more than 1200 couriers for global logistic access. We promise to deliver in supersonic time to establish authority in the market.
  • Lastly, KeyDelivery also offers custom shipment tags. You must input the required details and print labels in minutes to reduce shipping costs.

The Bottom Line

The logistic companies mentioned above are detrimental to dynamic and supportive supply chain management. They will undoubtedly improve the customer experience, which results in repetitive sales. Businesses need courier companies to withstand competition, avail opportunities and expand their reach in the market. For the same reasons, we suggest KeyDelivery.

KeyDelivery will compare shipping rates, create customer labels, and provide detailed tracking across courier services. The platform does not need installation with its user-friendly interface. The intuitive API will integrate with Shopify and Magento. Get ready to experience Key-Delivery without a credit card.

Grow your business with KeyDelivery!

  • Integration with 1200+ carriers.
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Grow your business with KeyDelivery!

  • Integration with 1200+ carriers.
  • Access the best discounts for USPS, DHL, UPS, and more.
  • KeyDelivery is free for 500 shipments each month.
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