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12 Small Business Packaging Idea - Packaging Ideas Guide


Find an excellent small business packaging idea and make it go live is a tough job.

Why are good business packaging ideas important for small businesses? When a consumer makes a purchase, the outer packaging of a product plays a vital role in making a decision.

Therefore, product packaging box design has tremendous significance to product sales. It helps small businesses to save a great deal of money.

I don't know if you have such questions when you see the product packages. Why is this package designed like this? What is the relationship between packaging and product? The initial role of packaging is to protect the goods from damage during shipping and processing.

However, with the increasing variety of commodities and the influence of market competition, the marketing function of packaging has become more and more critical.

Therefore, small business packaging idea design has more requirements. A small business packaging idealist can help you find some inspiration in 12 different ways. Let's find out how to create a good unboxing experience for customers.

small business packaging idea

1. Ingredients of the product

Many brands will use the product's main ingredients as a design element. This method allows consumers to understand the composition of the product's raw materials when they see the effect.

The advantage of this design inspiration is that customers can quickly identify the product category and uses. You don't need to educate the target audience. This packaging design idea is often used in food, beverages, and daily chemical products.

2. Product of origin

Consumers often regard the product of origin as the criterion for judging whether the product is high-quality. It is a great selling point for small businesses. For example, Cuba cigar has better taste than Japanese cigar. Russian Vodka is more popular than Ukrainian Vodka.

These products have the advantage of being alone in their origin and are the most commercial products. small business packaging idea This kind of product usually has some regional characteristics. The product itself has a close relationship with a specific region. The packaging allows people to combine the primary commodity with the impression in their minds.

This brand packaging method applies to every industry, especially good for generating jewelry packaging ideas. It is a good small business packaging idea for small businesses or minimum viable products.

3. The function of the product

When a product is highly functional, its function is often used as a design element and strengthened on the product packaging. It is especially suitable for new products in the product introduction period because consumers are unfamiliar with them.

It helps consumers know the role and efficacy of the product and brand in a short period. small business packaging idea

This kind of product packaging is especially suitable for the packaging of household appliances, medical care, and some daily chemical products.

4. Brand logo

This design often requires that the brand's logo design is unique or the brand itself is famous. Otherwise, customers may not quickly identify your brand.

Using a logo as a product packaging design can strengthen consumers' brand awareness and make the product packaging have a more robust brand characteristic and stand out from the crowd.

It is not a small business packaging idea. This business packaging idea is suitable for more famous brands or brands with more expressive logos and corporate logos, such as Gucci, Apple, Adidas, etc.

5. Brand tonality/character

This method is not suitable for small businesses but knowing more package design ideas has no harm. Each brand has its personality, or cold, cordial, graceful, or lively. The Tonality or brand character determines how the brand should be perceived. The brand tonality is often taken out by packaging designers and integrated into the product's packaging design, emphasizing the first impression.

6. Brand mascot

Many brands have mascots, and even some brands use the mascot itself as their brand logo. Suppose the brand's mascot has better recognition and representativeness, then it is more suitable for the company. In that case, the mascot becomes an essential component of product packaging and contact consumers more cordially.

Nowadays, more and more brands have a mascot. These mascots have distinctive images, which are impressive and widely loved by people. Therefore, it is also an excellent choice to use a mascot as a critical element of product packaging design, especially for children's brand product packaging design.

7. Brand story

A brand story is an important content of brand-building planning. Whether it is about the origin, inheritance, growth, legend, or anecdote of the brand, these elements can be used as your packaging design inspiration. Many luxury brands like to use brand stories as the design elements of their product packaging to present a noble and heavy sense of luxury.

8. Brand spokespersons

A brand spokesperson is a person who works to promote and represent a brand in its marketplace. Many brands will choose a brand ambassador to increase sales. Some companies will print the image of the brand spokesperson on the product packaging.

This method of designing with spokespersons is common in fast-moving products. It is challenging to get a good performance in certain packaging products that can't afford the price. This design idea is not suitable for small businesses.

9. Manufacturing process

This design idea is well-known in drinking product packaging design, which can better reflect the specialization of goods production and the cultural heritage.

For example, tea is a traditional beverage in China. Tea packaging design often uses Chinese painting to represent the long history and profoundness of tea culture. Start-up companies can create something special based on this small business packaging idea example because an improved or unique manufacturing process makes them different.

This method is great for generating eco-friendly packaging ideas because you can tell your customer what recycled materials you use to make the package.

10. Product characteristics

For example, drug packaging design always uses abstract design elements such as chemistry and biology. The product packaging design of electronic products mostly requires more concise and technological aspects.

Hence, the packaging design of such products always uses color blocks and light to represent a simple image. A lot of excellent small business packaging ideas are from these simple color and block combinations. Microsoft is a great example.

11. Complementary products

Most products cannot be used alone. Therefore, we can use complementary products to design the packaging box. When consumers see these elements, they can associate the product.

For example, when they see a wine glass, they know it is wine. When customers see a cat, they know it is cat food. Foam is known to be products like washing and care.

It is also a wise tactic to get a small business packaging idea. You can use the existing marketing influence of the complementary products to promote your brand or product.

12. Target consumer

We always see images of women on the packaging of women's care products. In contrast, children's products have pictures of animals, dolls, children. This design idea can fit the product well. Product packaging can quickly capture the eyes of the target customers.

The packaging of this design idea is ubiquitous. If there is no unique creativity in similar packaging, the product packaging often "bumps" on the shelf cannot highlight the product.

A final thought on small business packaging idea

The above 12 business packaging ideas do not exist alone. Designers often combine various ways to achieve the best promotion effect. A good packaging design can promote the product at a low cost, persuade consumers to buy, and build a great brand image. Follow the steps above to get your unique packaging ideas.

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  • KeyDelivery is free for 500 shipments each month.
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