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Tracking Sub-status Codes

Accepted101Info receivedThe carrier received a request from the shipper and is about to pick up the shipment.
102Await acceptedWaiting for the carrier to take.
103AcceptedShipment accepted by the carrier.
In transit1001Arrived at the destination countryThe shipment arrived at the destination city.
1002In transitShipment on the way.
Out for delivery501Available for pickupThe shipment arrived at a pickup point near you and is available for pickup.
Delivered301Sign by customerThe shipment was delivered to and signed by the customer.
302Delivered after exceptionThe shipment shows an exception but was finally delivered successfully.
303Sign by otherThe shipment was signed by someone else.
304Delivered in mailbox
Returned to sender401Order canceledThe shipment order was canceled.
Exception201Delivery but unsignThe shipment was out of delivery but has not been signed.
202Undelivery or unsignThe shipment was not delivered or not signed for a long time.
203Customer refused deliveryDelivery of the Shipment failed as the recipient refused to take the package due to some reason.
204Failed AttemptThe delivery of the package failed due to some reason.
205Pick up missedShipment is available for the pickup but not collected by the customer.
206Failure to contactFailure to contact the customer.
207Out of service areaThe address is out of the service area of the carrier.
208Delayed (External factors)Delayed (External factors)
209Shipment damageShipment damaged