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API Key & Signature

All KeyDelivery APIs require authentication. Therefore, you need to sign up to get an API Key, then encrypt the API Key using the signature parameter.

If you have registered, you can view your API key and secret here

In short, your authorization parameter header consists of the parameters API-Key and signature.

API-Key: The API-Key is unique and is used for API authentication.

Signature: The Signature element is the "json" of selected elements from the request, and so the Signature part of the Authorization header will vary from request to request. If the request signature calculated by the system matches the Signature included with the request, the requester will have demonstrated possession of the KeyDelivery secret access key. The request will then be processed under the identity, and with the authority, of the developer to whom the key was issued. You can construct your signature as follows.

  • A string is composed of json and API-Key and Secret
  • Then use MD5 algorithm for 32-bit uppercase encryption
  • Result Example:A1B2C3D4A1B2C3D4A1B2C3D4A1B2C3D4



Content-Type: application/json
API-Key: Enter your API-Key here
signature: MD5(json+API-Key+Secret)


Why KeyDelivery uses signature?

Signature is an encrypted parameter and is used for protecting your API request. It prevents others from accessing your request information by illegal methods when they intercept your request.

The signature is composed of the request parameters (json+API-Key+SecretAccessKey). It is encrypted by 32-bit uppercase using the MD5 algorithm. Because it is related to your request parameters, the signature is unique. If someone intercepts your request, they cannot crack the request or make a fake request to access your data.

We know that using HTTPS transmission is secure, but using the signature parameter can improve your data protection. We take data protection very seriously.