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Code Status

Here's how the status_code and status_description fields correspond to each other and how they correspond to the tracking_status field of a label:

200OKRequest response success
101Request method GET/POST not supportedWrong GET/POST method
102Header errore.g.: [API-Key] header missing
103Invalid JSON dataRequest is not application/json
104Invalid signatureFail to verify the signature
105Parameter errore.g.: [carrier_id] must not be blank
106The request is understood, but it has been refused, or access is not allowed.The request has inappropriate content. It is now blocked by security protection.
401UnauthorizedThis account has run out of quota. Please replenish the account to use this service.
404Invalid API key.KeyDelivery fails to verify your account information.
405The carrier_id is invalidThe carrier ID is incorrect.
406Cannot detect the carrierKeyDelivery fails to match the tracking number with a carrier.
500Internal Server ErrorSomething is wrong with the KeyDelivery server. Please contact us:support@kd100.com
60101No result foundNo result is found. Please check again later.
60201Tracking already exists.Recurring command, you don’t have to do the tracking again.