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Tracking Status Codes

Here's how the status_code and status_description fields correspond to each other and how they correspond to the status_description_details field of a label:

0In transitThe shipment is on the way to the recipient.
1AcceptedCarrier has picked up the shipment from the sender.
2ExceptionCustom hold, undelivered, returned shipment to sender, or any shipping exceptions.
3DeliveredThe shipment was delivered successfully.
4Returned to senderThe sender has successfully received the return shipment.
5Out for deliveryCarrier is about to deliver the shipment, or it is ready to pick up the shipment.
6Returning to senderThe shipment is on its way back to the sender.
7TransshipmentThe shipment is transferred from one carrier to another before being shipped off to its intended destination.
10Pending customs clearanceThe shipment is waiting for customs clearance.
11Customs clearance startedThe shipment is handed over to customs for clearance.
12Customs clearance completedThe customs clearance process is completed.
13Exception(customs clearance)An exception occurs in the customs clearance process.
14Recipient refusedDelivery of the package failed as the recipient refused to take the package for some reason.