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Order Status Code

If you use the API of Real-time shipment tracking and Create tracking:

When area_show is set to 0, the responses of items return data about context and time. 

When area_show is set to 1, the responses of items return data in addition to context and time, there are order_status_code, order_status_description, location, area_name. 

Here's how the status_code and status_description fields correspond to each other and how they correspond to the status_description_details field of a label:

order_status_code order_status_description order_status_description_details substatus_code order_substatus_description
0 In transit The shipment is on the way to the recipient. 0 In transit
1001 Arrived at the destination country
1002 In transit
1003 Forwarded to a different delivery address
1 Accepted Carrier has picked up the shipment from the sender. 1 Accepted
101 Info received
102 Await accepted
103 Accepted
2 Exception Custom hold, undelivered, returned shipment to sender, or any shipping exceptions. 2 Exception
201 Delivery but unsign
202 Undelivery or unsign
203 Customer refused delivery
204 Failed Attempt
205 Pick up missed
206 Failure to contact
207 Out of service area
208 Delayed (External factors)
209 Shipment damage
3 Delivered The shipment was delivered successfully. 3 Delivered
301 Sign by customer
302 Delivered after exception
303 Sign by other
304 Delivered in mailbox
4 Returned to sender The sender has successfully received the return shipment. 4 Returned to sender
401 Order canceled
14 Recipient refused
5 Out for delivery Carrier is about to deliver the shipment, or it is ready to pick up the shipment. 5 Out for delivery
501 Available for pickup
6 Returning to sender The shipment is on its way back to the sender. 6 Returning to sender
7 Transshipment The shipment is transferred from one carrier to another before being shipped off to its intended destination. 7 Transshipment
8 Customs clearance   8 Customs clearance
10 Pending customs clearance
11 Customs clearance started
12 Customs clearance completed
13 Exception(customs clearance)
14 Recipient refused Delivery of the package failed as the recipient refused to take the package for some reason. 14 Recipient refused