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Why Does Online Store Need Tracking & Shipping APIs?


KeyDelivery Shipping and Tracking API

KeyDelivery is a free parcel tracking API. Its Logistics APIs have all the features and integrations you need for shipping, label printing, package tracking, address validation, and order management. The first 50 orders are free, and the trial requires no credit card.

Why Does Online Store Need Tracking & Shipping APIs?

Save Time Updating Order Status

Say Goodbye to tedious manual work. KeyDelivery tracking API can auto-update all your shipment status to your ERP/SaaS or other systems in real-time or regularly. You can even use KeyDelivery tracking API to send shipment status updates to your customers so you can save time answering the delivery questions.

Avoid Returned Package Caused by Mistakes

Use KeyDelivery shipment tracking API to help your customers control their delivery schedule. You customer can schedule a time for package delivery. You don't need to worry that the customers will return the packages due to delivery delay or unavailability.

Increase Customer Repurchase Rate

It is better to send shipment updates through emails to your customers instead of the tracking number. If a customer comes to your website for shipment updates, that means you have more chances to recommend products to him.

shipping data analysis

Product Features

  • ● Branded Tracking

  • ● Shipment Status Auto-update

  • ● Order Analysis Dashboard

  • ● Tracking Dashboard

  • ● Email Support

  • ● Shipping Label Creator

  • ● International Shipping

  • ● Domestic Shipping

  • ● Unlimited Data Export and Import

  • ● Real-time Tracking Webhooks

  • ● Global Address Validation

  • ● High-priority Support

Who Needs KeyDelivery

Companies that need affordable and professional solutions for shipment tracking API & shipping functionality services. KeyDelivery offers a universal package tracking API for companies of all sizes.

E-commerce Platforms

Provide an excellent shipping experience with your customers without worrying about complex and tedious carrier management. Your customers can track packages by themselves so you can save time focusing on the important things.

Third-Party Logistics

You can make your process management more efficient by scheduling it more precisely and reasonably. By employing KeyDelivery shipping solutions, your customer can easily access tracking information and status detail anywhere and anytime.


Your time is valuable. Let KeyDelivery do the dirty work for you so you can focus on growing your business. With KeyDelivery's delivery tracking API, You can create shipment tracking pages for your customers to track their shipments. Therefore, you will have more returned visitors to your stores and have more chances to promote your products.

What is Kuaidi100?

Kuaidi100 is China’s Leading Logistics Service Provider. Kuaidi 100 focuses on logistics, has insight into the entire industry chain and adheres to the concept of openness and sharing. It aims to empower enterprise logistics management and provides customers with professional and reliable services.

Kuaidi100 builds its name by providing efficient and intelligent transportation coordination solutions, allowing logistics companies to reduce costs in operations.

Does the kuaidi100 English version exist?

Kuaidi100 has an English version for cross-border shipping and tracking. It is called KeyDelivery. KeyDelivery aims to help global users to manage shipping tasks more cost-effectively.

You can check the Kuaidi100 developer resources to use the shipping and tracking API for free or email us(support@kd100.com).

What are the services of Kuaidi100 API & App?

KD100 API offers logistics solutions such as shipping, shipment tracking, arrival time estimation to business users. With only one integration, users can connect to over 1200 global carriers. KD100 API helps companies improve the user experience and logistics management.

Kuaidi100 Shipping

KD100 partners with express companies such as EMS, DEPPON, SF, UDA, BEST, ZTO, DHL, TNT, UPS, etc. The annual delivery counts through KD100 exceeds 800 million.

Courier Kuaidi100 Tracking

KD100 provides business users with convenient express service. It is the largest logistics information tracking platform in China, and its average daily query exceeds 300 million times. If you connect with its API, you can access over 1000 Chinese couriers.

Kuaidi100 how to use?

It is straightforward for individual users to use Kuaidi100 to track shipments. First, open the Kuaidi100 website, and then enter your courier tracking number on its search box. You will see the shipment status in seconds. Kuaidi100 tracking English version is unavailable at the moment, so you need to use google translate to translate the tracking page into your familiar language.

KeyDelivery API Introduction

KeyDelivery provides the best value for your money, making shipping and tracking simple and cost-effective. KeyDelivery REST API can help you manage all of your shipping needs without putting a large chunk of time into it. Let KeyDelivery deal with the complex integration of different carrier APIs and protocols.

We handle all the tricky and challenging shipping processes so you can put all your energy into providing the best shopping experience for your customers at the best possible prices.

You can use all KeyDelivery’s APIs individually or integrate them with other tools to build powerful shipping functionality into your application, website, ERP system, or other software.

Why KeyDelivery uses signature?

Signature is an encrypted parameter and is used for protecting your API request. It prevents others from accessing your request information by illegal methods when they intercept your request.

The signature is composed of the request parameters (json+API-Key+SecretAccessKey). It is encrypted by 32-bit uppercase using the MD5 algorithm. Because it is related to your request parameters, the signature is unique. If someone intercepts your request, they cannot crack the request or make a fake request to access your data.

We know that using HTTPS transmission is secure, but using the signature parameter can improve your data protection. We take data protection very seriously.

API Key & Signature

All KeyDelivery APIs require authentication. Therefore, you need to sign up to get an API Key, then encrypt the API Key using the signature parameter.

In short, your authorization parameter header consists of the parameters API-Key and signature.

API-Key: The API Key is unique and is used for API authentication.

Signature: The Signature element is the "json" of selected elements from the request, and so the Signature part of the Authorization header will vary from request to request. If the request signature calculated by the system matches the Signature included with the request, the requester will have demonstrated possession of the KeyDelivery secret access key. The request will then be processed under the identity, and with the authority, of the developer to whom the key was issued. You can construct your signature as follows.

  • ● A string is composed of json and API-Key and SecretAccessKey
  • ● Then use MD5 algorithm for 32-bit uppercase encryption
  • ● Result Example:A1B2C3D4A1B2C3D4A1B2C3D4A1B2C3D4

Real-time Shipment Tracking

You can get real-time shipment status information through this API without creating a tracking command. Real-time shipment tracking API will get the shipment information from the carrier and respond, the tracking details after you submit the tracking number. The information includes shipment route, shipment status, date, and time, etc.

Reminder: If you need to obtain massive tracking information and update the information regularly, please use the Create Tracking API and set up a webhook for receiving updates.

Create Tracking

You can use this API to add tracking numbers to KeyDelivery's tracking system. Then you can receive shipment status updates automatically with our webhooks. You must submit the following two parameters to use this feature, the carrier ID and the tracking number. Besides, you also need to use a webhook to receive the updated information.

We will track your orders after receiving the tracking number. When the shipment status changes, we will send the tracking information to you by using the webhooks until the life cycle of these tracking numbers ends (usually we will end the tracking when the shipment is "Delivered").

For some tracking requests, we will usually check the shipment status for the first time in 15 minutes after activating the Create Tracking API correctly. If there is no shipment status information about it in the first 15 minutes, we will check it every 4 hours and adjust the tracking frequency based on factors such as the status of the shipment.


You can subscribe to tracking updates for a package (such as updating the package status). Our system will send the latest status to your application or software or SaaS tools through the webhook.

Carrier Auto-detection

You can submit the courier tracking number through this API to determine the carrier ID to which the tracking number may belong. The returned data is a list of possible carrier IDs, and the carrier ID with high possibility ranks first.

Grow your business with KeyDelivery!

  • Integration with 1200+ carriers.
  • Access the best discounts for USPS, DHL, UPS, and more.
  • KeyDelivery is free for 500 shipments each month.
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Grow your business with KeyDelivery!

  • Integration with 1200+ carriers.
  • Access the best discounts for USPS, DHL, UPS, and more.
  • KeyDelivery is free for 500 shipments each month.
Sign Up Free Contact Sales