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10 Ways To Solve Shopify Store High Traffic Low Sales Issues


10 Ways To Solve Shopify Store High Traffic Low Sales Issues Everyone knows how to attract traffic through social media, search engines, and other platforms, but it isn't easy to generate sales. Many beginners are faced with Shopify high traffic low sales issues.

If your Shopify store has high traffic but low sales, that means you don't know how to convince the store visitor to buy a product from you to solve this problem.

In this post, let’s discuss how you can solve Shopify high traffic low sales problems in the following 10 ways.

1. Solve Shopify High Traffic Low Sales With Brand Story

You can build trust with your potential customers on your eCommerce store's "About Us" page.

Tell a story as the brand owner, not just a product seller. It can help potential consumers know your motivation and leave an excellent first impression of your brand.

Your story shouldn't only focus on unveiling your personal experience in the market and your advantages alone. You also need to explain why you are dissatisfied with the existing market and want to make something better and different for your customers.

Provide something helpful to your customers. In this way, you can build an emotional connection with consumers, and few brands can do that.

Suppose your potential customers know that you are knowledgeable. In that case, it will make your potential customers feel more secure when buying products from your store.

2. Solve Shopify High Traffic Low Sales With Blog Posts

Content is a powerful tool to build a close relationship with potential customers and returning customers. Your blog allows you to introduce yourself step by step instead of rushing to sell your products bluntly.

Regularly publishing helpful blog posts can prove that you care about the problems faced by consumers. Besides, your content can help customers become more familiar with your brand, especially when sharing stories and creating a clear brand voice.

Content can show the brand's personality, help people understand you, and trust you.

3. Solve Shopify High Traffic Low Sales With Customer Protection

Not only can it help protect user information, but it can also display a well-known network defense company logo on your website. That can help increase conversion rates.

Similarly, you can consider using payment protection software like Trustap for this purpose. You can also make it easier for consumers to purchase by providing multiple payment methods to use their preferred one.

For example, many consumers prefer to complete the transaction with PayPal when shopping, so providing this payment method will make them feel safe to buy a product from your store.

4. Solve Shopify High Traffic Low Sales With Return And Exchange Policy

When you decide to buy a product or not, what factors convince you to buy? Most people will say it is the return and exchange policy.

A good return and exchange policy is a manifestation of high-quality customer service. They prove that you care about the customer shopping experience and have confidence in your products. Even if the customer is not satisfied with your product and returns it in the end, it does not matter.

The return and exchange policy can reduce customers' concerns when shopping online. If you provide free returns within 30 days, it goes without saying that people will be more willing to buy products from you.

A good return and exchange policy are not enough. You also need to promote it on your website:

✍Create a page that explains the refund policy in details

✍Build a page to state the product return regulations clearly

✍Highlight the "money-back guarantee" policy

✍Display the return policy link in the footer of the website

5. Solve Shopify High Traffic Low Sales With Customer Support

Potential consumers who are not familiar with your brand may contact you in different ways, including tickets, chatbots, email, or social homepage.

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They may want to know about the return policy, shipping process, or other product information. It is important to answer these questions as quickly and comprehensively as possible.

Which of the following brands would you trust more? Is it someone who can answer your question within two minutes, or one who only gives a reply after a day?

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6. Solve Shopify High Traffic Low Sales With Product Page Description

The more customers know about the product, the more likely they will buy it. It is essential to be specific about the product description. Instead of using the word "leather" to describe your product, it will be more compelling to use "primary calfskin without color treatment" to describe it.

When writing product descriptions, you should consider adding the following content:

✍The specific size of the product

✍The specific weight of the product

✍Product raw materials or processing materials

✍Warranty information

✍Specific product features ("adjustable straps") and the benefits they can bring ("so you can ensure that the small backpack can meet your needs")

7. Solve Shopify High Traffic Low Sales With Free Samples

It is not easy to find the first customer. One of the common methods for attracting the first consumer is to give away your product.

Samples or gifts can arouse people's curiosity about the brand and lay the foundation for building relationships. Allow customers to try your product for free before buying it. Although this method is not suitable for all brands, it only applies to the products you sell can be given away in "small portions" (such as food, shampoo).

With the free sample method, you can build trust with your customers and gradually turn them into your returning customers.

8. Solve Shopify High Traffic Low Sales With FAQ Page

Use the FAQ page to answer some doubts during the purchase process.

A powerful FAQ page is very helpful. It can answer questions about your brands and products, show your advantages, provide product information, and tell customers how you manage your brand.

It is another way for customers to know your brand and purchase your products with greater confidence.

The FAQ page is usually used for providing additional information to the customers. It can also give you more space to tell the brand story, remind customers again of the brand's uniqueness, and tell them why they should buy your product.

Your FAQ page includes:

✍Brand information that is not suitable to place on the "About Me" page or the homepage.

✍Some basic product information you think is important to customers. ("Yes, our products are organic, no preservatives added, no gluten, no soy ingredients")

✍Certificates or licenses, such as the globally recognized Kosher certification.

✍Answer some questions that potential customers often ask or questions they will ask your competitors.

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9. Solve Shopify High Traffic Low Sales With Fixing Problems That Undermind Customer Relationships

Don't forget to carefully go through your online store on your computer and mobile phone, from the homepage to the checkout.

Ask colleagues and friends to see if they trust the website and buy its products. Is your homepage clear enough about the brand? If so, why? If not, what causes the troubles?

Is the shipping and delivery time transparent enough? You may believe that you are honest and trustworthy, but consumers may not think so.

Organize your website from beginning to end, and dig out some possible problems. If there are obvious spelling or grammatical errors in the copy, you may lose credibility and lower the conversion rate.

10. Solve Shopify High Traffic Low Sales With Customer Review

Trust is a prerequisite in the shopping process, especially when customers have countless choices with a few clicks on the Internet.

All business owners start with zero sales and zero words of mouth. You may attract a small group of buyers and then slowly accumulate word of mouth through these strategies, attracting more new customers.

The above ten methods to improve the trust of your website, trust alone is not enough, but also to understand the user's relevant information to solve the payment problem fundamentally.

I've tried it all, but Shopify high traffic low sales still exist. What should I do?

You tried everything, but it still doesn't work. That means you may need to sell other products. Product development is crucial. If your products don't meet your target customers' meet, no matter how hard you promote them or optimize your store, you won't see the sales rise.

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