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4 Tips To Increase Conversion Rate With Fewer Efforts


How to Increase Conversion Rate For eCommerce Stores?

Are you getting many visitors, but sales volume is low? In other words, do you find it hard to increase the eCommerce conversion rate? That's because shoppers don't want to buy from you. If you go to a store for something and lose the buying desire after looking at the products, the common reasons are nothing more than the following.

  1. ● The product's price is too high to be worth buying at all.

  2. ● There are many products of the same kind. Customers can make the final decision.

  3. ● The product description is lousy. Customers don't know what the retailers are selling.

  4. ● The quality of the product image is poor and can't attract customers.

If you can solve these problems, your sales volume will rise. Let's find out what solutions we can use for your eCommerce conversion rate optimization.

Problem 1: The Quality of Product Image Is Poor

The biggest problem that affects the conversion rate is the product image. Product images are among the most critical elements of the product listing. If the product images are not compelling, they will not attract clicks for the product.

Product Image Shooting

In brick-and-mortar retail stores, customers can evaluate a coat from all angles and try them on to see if they fit. They will know if it is the right one and worth buying.

You should provide services as close to the in-store shopping experience as possible. It is recommended to take images of the product from different angles.

If the product images are poor, you can't expect customers to buy the product. The light should not be too dim, and there should be no strange shadows. The product must be appropriately displayed.

Without good product images, customers can't perceive the product's value and feel that you are not professional enough. So, put the product under the best light and take better photos.

You can also build a small studio yourself, buy some samples and shoot them yourself. Some exquisite photos will significantly improve the conversion rate.

Problem 2: The Product Description Is Not Clear and Compelling

Improving product image is not enough. A product description is also fundamental. Ambiguous or lousy product descriptions will make people leave your store in seconds.


The product description is essential. A study shows that touching a product can increase a person's desire to own it.

How can your customers feel the online products? A detailed and vivid description of the product will make the potential customer think he is holding it.

A poor product description will make you lose a huge opportunity to attract customers to buy the product. You lose the chance to tell a story. You also lose the ability to differentiate your product from your competitors.

The lack of a good product description will cause damage to your store as well. If the product description is terrible, it will cause more significant losses. Worse than inadequate product descriptions are spelling errors, grammatical errors, or improper uses of words.

Consider the case with the broken window theory. The broken window theory (herd psychology) was initially used for crime analysis.

This hypothesis says that minor vandalization in the community is not a big problem. Still, tolerance for this small problem is likely to encourage crime.

Now we apply it to the eCommerce business. Suppose the product description that the customer sees is confusing and poor. In that case, he may wonder whether this shop is also sloppy in other aspects.

Will the product be worse than promised? Are the package loss and damage rates high? Is it safe to use my credit card in this store?

Quickly check your product description. Maybe you can improve the conversion rate to another level. Write a better product description. Here are a few examples:

Don't use meaningless words. For example, these socks have innovative designs and unparalleled craftsmanship. Write a more specific description. These socks are exquisitely crafted, soft, and comfortable.

Have you tried your best to show all the product's advantages?

Instead of saying that this blender has a 2-speed motor that runs at 27,000 revolutions per minute, it's better to describe its usefulness. The powerful engine of this blender can whip any cream you want.

Tell a story and make sure there are no spelling errors.

Problem 3: The Design of the Online Store Is Shoddy

When you walk into a store and find that the goods are displayed in a disorderly way, you will feel annoying, because it is not easy to find what you want. When you finally decide to buy nothing, you will still feel very frustrated.

Will this experience happen online? Regarding website design, two main issues may discourage customers from buying.

First, it is difficult for customers to find the products they want. Second, you may order products in a way that discourages customers from buying.

Here are some reasons that affect the conversion rates:

  1. ● The link from the product page to the store is hard to find.

  2. ● The product categories are not all displayed in the same place.

  3. ● Incorrect product classification.

  4. ● The Landing pages don't match with the search keywords.

Another design issue is the product categorization, and there are also some tricky issues. An online store with many products may want to create an online version of the bulla. For example, IKEA combines many items to give people a sense of selling goods.

Moreover, even if the products are ordered well, customers will still feel oppressed. When there are too many images, people tend to skim and ignore the product from a particular perspective. When browsing the online store, they will not seriously consider whether they need this product.

store theme

Find a suitable store theme, make a responsive design, and ensure the store has an easy-to-use navigation bar. Our experience is that there should be no more than three clicks from the homepage to any product.

Product categorization also affects navigation capabilities. Ensure that every product has the primary and secondary classification, and you have included every product. The way to solve this problem is to subdivide products better, use links to redirect visitors to product descriptions, and let customers know where to find the products they want.

Make the product look intuitive, allow customers to seriously review it, and give them a good reason to buy it.

Question 4: Don't Build Trust with Customers

The shopping experience in a physical store will give people a sense of trust. Because you can have the goods immediately, you can stay in the store for a while if you have doubts about the goods. At least before you buy, you will talk to the staff for a time and get to know the store and the product.

Build Trust with Customers

When shopping on an eCommerce site, these things are not entirely applicable. What do you think when you go to an online store without the following content:

  1. ● There is only an "about us" page, no company details, only some intangible value propositions.

  2. ● There are no recommendations or product reviews.

  3. ● There are no news reports.

  4. ● There are no contact names, phone numbers, or emails anywhere on the website.

  5. ● There is no guarantee that your payment information is safe.

Do you feel safe buying products on such a website?

To increase your store's credibility, you can start with many things.

Use your story and social proof to make a good "About Us" page. Tell the potential customers about your background and why you open this store. And you should at least add your name so that customers can call you in other ways, except "dear store owner".

Have you cooperated with the media? If there is one, highlight that partnership. If there is not much media coverage about your store, you should have some product reviews on your sites.

According to the online magazine Online Retailer, adding product reviews to online stores can increase conversion rates by 14% to 76%.

Using the product review app, you can easily integrate customer reviews into your online store. For example, Raw Generation's product review page has nearly 700 customer reviews.

Although there is no need to get a particular phone number to deal with product inquiries, you should have an email so that customers can contact you.

check out


Improving conversion rate in a retail store is a question with many answers. It would be best to find out which cause is the root and then solve it. Many reasons affect the online store conversion rate, such as shopping cart abandonment, checkout process failure, and sales channel accuracy.

A list of eCommerce tools can help solve some of your online store problems. 36 Ecommerce Tools Cover Your Business Needs in 2021. I hope it is helpful for you.

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