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5 Types of Cosmetic Packaging Boxes to Consider


brand customized cosmetics packaging box

5 Types of Cosmetic Packaging Boxes to Consider

The meaning of the brand customized cosmetics packaging box.

Product packaging is a norm in today's retail market. Different brands and products have different types, styles, sizes, and packaging boxes, but their uses are similar. The role of any brand and cosmetic packaging box is to protect the product and increase brand awareness.

When a brand needs a customized product packaging box, it will customize it based on the protection of the product and the brand image. For cosmetics, different types of cosmetic products require different levels of safety and various sizes.

At the same time, different brands have their unique brand image and characteristics. These properties are reflected in the cosmetic packaging box, effectively converting general customers into loyal customers.

It also opens up many possibilities for brands to sell products. Customized cosmetic packaging boxes enable different brands to sell their products through unique packaging boxes. At the same time, the sales process also reflects the differences between other brands. Customizing a special cosmetic packaging box usually depends on elements such as the pattern, pattern, color, shape, etc.

Cosmetic packaging boxes can protect the product in shipping or storage. The boxes can be used to display the products in front of customers in the best condition.

Regardless of the size of the brand and the product type, the purpose of customizing cosmetic packaging boxes is the same, all for better promoting the product and brand. Therefore, brands should carefully consider every element in the box when customizing the box.

1. Increase brand awareness through cosmetic gift boxes

The packaging box is the facade of the product, which can promote your product and increase brand awareness. All brands can make eye-catching cosmetic box packaging designs to represent your brand value. Developing a practical cosmetic gift box that can raise brand awareness, you also need to consider the following aspects:

Targeted market

2. Targeted market

When customizing the packaging box, you need to design the packaging based on the target customer's mindset. Different design elements in the packaging box can attract different groups of people.

A packaging design that can attract young girls may not attract elderly ladies. The design elements of cosmetic packaging boxes designed for men and women cosmetic packaging boxes are quite different.

Once the target market is determined, conduct market research on current popular products and refer to the popular elements on the counterpart's box. It doesn't mean you can replicate the packaging design of the other brand. Still, it is necessary to refer to the other brand's successful experience for design inspiration.


3. Logo

The cosmetics brand logo is passed to customers through packaging so that customers can better understand your company. In addition to the product efficacy, customers will consider cosmetic brands related to their lifestyle before purchasing the product.

For example, some people like to buy high-end cosmetics, others like to purchase affordable cosmetics, and many users even buy environmentally friendly and natural cosmetics. Cosmetic packaging design extends the brand image.

Customers should understand the product's value positioning based on certain identification elements in the cosmetic packaging box. Using multiple packaging designs for different product lines under the same brand is ubiquitous, especially with diversified products.

Design elements

4. Design elements

Various information about the brand or product is printed in each cosmetic packaging box, including product name, ingredients, uses, color, logo, etc. Some of these elements allow customers to understand the product and brand easily.

Some are used to attract customers. Regardless of the purpose, these elements play an essential role in brand promotion and product sales.

5 types of cosmetic packaging boxes

In a highly competitive cosmetics industry, nothing is more critical than brand awareness. Your target customers should be able to identify your brand quickly. The right product packaging design is the most proper way to achieve this goal. The first step in this process is to choose the packaging that suits your product. There are 5 main packaging types for you to consider.

1. Packing boxes

Packing boxes

When it comes to packaging materials, we are not just referring to traditional square cardboard boxes. Cardboard box is one of the most common packaging materials because they are very convenient for packing cosmetics. Their appearance can be customized based on the shapes of the product and the needs of the brand. The product can be well protected in shipping and storage.

2. Decorative packaging

Decorative packaging

Decorative packaging can make the product more attractive. Typical decorative packaging includes girdle, ribbon, label, tissue paper, drawstring bag, etc. Mainly for decoration, accurately attract the target user's attention and show your brand and products.

3. Plastic bag

Plastic bag

Plastic packaging is often used in food packaging because the unique function of plastic packaging bags can isolate the food from the air. However, in the cosmetics industry, plastic packaging bags are often used to pack product trials.

4. Bottle

cosmetic bottle

In the cosmetics industry, the bottle is one of the most common packagings. Almost most liquid cosmetics are packed with bottles. Cosmetic bottles can also be designed according to the needs of the brand.

5. Tote bag

cosmetic Tote bag

The tote bag is suitable for almost all industries. It can effectively promote your brand. When a customer buys your product and walks on the street with your brand's handbag, it is like a walking billboard that can show your brand to more potential customers.

When you launch a new cosmetic product to the market, the makeup packaging box will determine whether your product can succeed. Choosing the type of packaging suitable for the product can better enhance the customer shopping and sharing experience.

What are the customers' requirements for cosmetic packaging boxes?

Beauty and fashion trends can change quickly between different seasons. But with the trend of styles and color schemes changing, brands also need an easily recognizable feature. Customers like innovative brands, but they are generally attracted to products that are easy to identify and have a better brand image. Cosmetic packaging boxes play a vital role in this ever-changing industry.

When shopping, customers expect merchants to deliver quickly and reliably to ensure that their products are safe and secure during delivery. However, at the same time, they also desire that cosmetic packaging boxes can provide visual aesthetics to improve the product's unpacking experience. When buying cosmetics, one-third of the customers' first concern is on the product packaging.

It may be very demanding for any brand to integrate every element required by the customer into the packaging box, but it is not impossible to complete. The following are the three main factors that brands need to consider when handling cosmetic packaging and shipping.

1. Eco-friendly

Many consumers are susceptible to reducing waste and carbon footprint regarding environmental issues and prefer to buy products from brands that provide eco-friendly cosmetic packaging products, including environmentally friendly packaging boxes. Among the elements of a brand that make up a product, consumers are always looking for an environmentally friendly brand.

For brands studying environmentally friendly products and sustainable packaging, this means finding innovation at every step, from recyclable packaging materials to efficient distribution processes.

2. Simple

For inner product packaging, consumers want it to be simple enough because it is more convenient for customers to carry or commute and travel. On the one hand, complicated packaging is not easy to carry. On the other hand, it is easy to damage the packaging during delivery.

3. Safe

The original intention of cosmetic packaging is to facilitate the preservation and protection of products during shipping. Therefore, the cosmetic packaging box should be convenient to open and close. On the other hand, it needs to be strong enough to ensure the product's safety.

It may be a challenge for cosmetics companies, but it is only a matter of strategically improving packaging solutions. In terms of packaging customization, we can also look for help from professional packaging box manufacturers.

osmetic packaging box design


The cosmetic packaging box design is a vital marketing tool. It is the best information describer for persuading the customer to buy the product. In addition to displaying brand and product information, product packaging can also be used to attract customers. Therefore, having a unique and eye-catching packaging design can indeed increase your brand awareness.

Cosmetic packaging boxes are constantly innovating from their functions to aesthetics. Combining packaging colors, illustrations, structures, and other design elements can create highly creative cosmetic boxes to help brands break through the intense competition. In recent years, many unique and innovative packaging boxes have constantly been bringing us surprises.

Brands need more than just well-designed cosmetic packaging boxes to have the most significant impact in future marketing. If a brand wants to connect with customers, it needs to take its packaging to a new level and use it to tell its brand story. Still, you need professionals to help figure out some cosmetic packaging solutions to achieve the goal.

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  • KeyDelivery is free for 500 shipments each month.
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