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How to Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages & What's the Risk


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How to Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages & What's the Risk

As TikTok video creators brought Amazon's unclaimed or undeliverable packages to the public, unclaimed package purchasing became a hit. Those creators released a series of unpacking videos of such packages. Some packages contain cheap socks, but others are gift cards, Nike sneakers, and designer wallets.

You may want to try your luck when you watch these videos. Still, you should know something before buying unclaimed Amazon packages because some people use it as scam bait.

Where can I buy unclaimed Amazon packages legally?

One way to avoid unclaimed packages for sale scams is to buy the unclaimed packages on legitimate websites.

There are two legal websites for buying unclaimed packages. One is GovDeals. The other one is Liquidation. Swap Madness is also an excellent place to get unclaimed packages locally.

GovDeals USPS is one of the delivery partners of Amazon. Packages are randomly shipped via UPS, USPS, or FedEx as well. If the USPS package is not claimed within 90 days, the package will be auctioned on the GovDeals website. That is the reason you can buy Amazon unclaimed packages on GovDeals.

GovDeals is a legal amazon unclaimed packages store because it signed an agreement with the USPS to sell unclaimed packages. The unclaimed items are sold in bulk, not in pieces.

According to some Reddit users, UPS will also auction unclaimed packages. FedEx's handling of unclaimed packages is slightly different. Suppose the package cannot be delivered successfully. In that case, FedEx will place the parcel in a temporary warehouse or process the shipment by local laws and policies.

Liquidation Liquidation allows buyers to choose goods from Amazon, Target, Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot. Some of the products listed on this website directly display the actual pictures of the items, but most only display information such as packaging pictures and their categories and estimated retail prices. Buyers need to pay different shipping fees based on the size and weight of the article.

Swap Madness Swap Madness has the most extensive collection of local swap meets and flea markets in the United States. The sellers may not sell lost packages, but there is a chance that you can find something valuable at a low price.

Where are the unclaimed packages come from?

3 reasons create unclaimed packages. One is the contact information of the sender and receiver are inaccurate, which makes it impossible for the courier to neither deliver nor return.

The second reason is that the courier loses the packages due to improper operation. The third reason is that some people intentionally make fake unclaimed packages.

Some sellers use the unclaimed package as a marketing gimmick to arouse consumers' curiosity and buying desire. Most of the products sold are worthless. Suppose you see something like Amazon's unclaimed packages for sale on used products platforms.

In that case, the merchant is likely trying to sell you worthless items.

What can E-commerce businesses do to reduce package losses?

01 Find a reliable shipping partner

Most damaged or unclaimed packages are caused by improper operation during shipping. It often happens in small logistics companies. It is recommended to work with reputable couriers. In that case, the safety of your package is high.

02 Validate the contact information before shipping it

Address and contact information validation work should be on your checklist. You can send a double confirmation to your customers after they place an order. Or you can use address validation API to check a customer's address and provides suggested alternatives if an error is discovered. In this case, the courier may not contact the receiver, but he can deliver the package to the address.

03 Shipment tracking is a necessary

Monitor your shipment status is crucial because you can spot issues before something happen to your packages. If you check the courier status manually, it is a disaster. It is recommended to use package tracking API to inspect the parcel status in real-time or automatically let the tool receive updates.

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In general, individuals who want to buy unclaimed packages don't be blinded by the low price on the used product platforms. Check the merchant information and platform legitimacy before buying an unclaimed product.

Honorable eCommerce sellers should better protect your packages. It is recommended to use more tools and tips to ensure your package won't get lost. Don't overlook the loss of a package. It will open a massive hole in your profit if you don't treat it seriously.

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  • Integration with 1200+ carriers.
  • Access the best discounts for USPS, DHL, UPS, and more.
  • KeyDelivery is free for 500 shipments each month.
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