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4 Cross-border Logistics Problems That Hurt Your Profits


How to solve the 4 major problems of cross-border e-commerce logistics? Cross-border e-commerce logistics is a service designed for cross-border e-commerce sellers. The service aims to meet their various logistics needs.

Cross-border e-commerce logistics helps sellers solve many problems, but some logistics problems are unsolvable, such as long delivery time, high shipping fees, custom clearance challenges, product returns, etc.

This article will explain how to deal with these cross-border logistics issues and help you enjoy the best quality cross-border e-commerce logistics services.

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The 4 major problems and solutions

1. long delivery time

Two main reasons cause the long delivery time. One is the long-distance and numerous complicated operations. Another reason is that logistics services with faster delivery speeds have higher shipping fees, restricting sellers from using high-quality logistics services. In addition, delivery speed is also greatly affected in the peak season.

If this problem cannot be effectively solved, cross-border e-commerce sellers will have difficulties in actual operations.

Solutions for logistics improvement

Long-distance: Long distance is unchangeable, but we can improve the shipping process, such as the delivery schedule, product sorting methods, warehouse management, etc.

Low logistics costs: The delivery speed and cost are irreconcilable. We can choose logistics service providers with faster fulfillment capacity based on our profits.

Peak season warehousing: Selling in peak season is a headache for some sellers because they need to wait for the logistics partners to schedule warehouse inbound. You can work with logistics service providers that won't let you wait for warehouse inbound in peak season.

Using cross border package tracking tool is another way to speed up the delivery time because parcel monitor tracking information provides you with evidence that whether your partner couriers keep up with their promises. Here is a universal parcel tracking tool recommended for you. It supports over 1200 world courier tracking.

2. high Shipping fee

In general, the logistics cost of cross-border e-commerce is still relatively high. Especially international commercial express, several kilograms usually require postage of several hundred yuan.

Suppose the shipping cost issue is not appropriately handled. In that case, it is difficult for cross-border e-commerce sellers to sell products at competitive prices and to make profits.

Solutions for cutting down shipping fee

There are two solutions to solve the problem. One is to partner with freight forwarders to reduce logistics costs by leveraging their superior logistics resources.

On the other hand, sellers can reduce the shipping cost by reducing product weight and volume. For example, use lightweight and durable packaging materials, optimize the interior of the packaging and the product selection process.

Or you can use package shipping software to get a discounted shipping rate. Most international eCommerce shipping software offers discount shipping rates for their users. The reason that the export shipping software can offer this service is that couriers give them a favorable shipping price.

3. Complicated customs clearance

Customs clearance is the most accident-prone part of the entire logistics procedure. Once an accident occurs, it is also complicated to deal with it.

The customs detain the goods will affect the order fulfillment speed. If the goods are confiscated, the seller will face a considerable loss of money.

Solutions for dealing with customs clearance

Suppose the goods are at a higher risk for customs clearance. It is recommended to choose a professional customs broker. Let the broker standardize the customs declaration process and improve the customs clearance capacity and efficiency. A professional customs broker can protect the safety of the goods.

Suppose the risk of customs clearance is low. In that case, you can choose a professional freight forwarder to deal with the customs clearance. Generally, freight forwarders have customs clearance agency partners that can help sellers deal with the customs clearance.

4. Challenging Product Return

Unlike domestic logistics, the return cost of international logistics is high. Most couriers offer a discounted shipping rate sending products from home to abroad, but there is no discount for shipping from abroad to home. The high cost of returns has caused cross-border e-commerce sellers to be very passive in handling return issues. They need to work hard to convince customers not to return the products in every possible way.

Solutions for product return issues

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At present, there is still no suitable method that can solve the return problem once for all. Therefore, we need to find ways to reduce the return rate and lower the risk of return on the one hand. On the other hand, we can store the goods until we can leverage scaling to obtain the discounted shipping rate.

If we have an overseas warehouse, this problem is easy to deal with it. Just return it to the overseas warehouse. In this case, you need to keep track of all the shipments to prevent shipment loss. It is recommended to integrate shipping management software with your internal parcel tracking software to track global shipments in one place.

5. Inaccurate & delayed shipment tracking information

Shipment tracking is a service that online sellers must provide for their customers. No one likes uncertainty. If your customers can't keep track of their orders, they will be anxious and prone to cancel them. Sellers also need shipment tracking software to monitor all the order status to prevent package loss, parcel damaged, returned goods staus, etc.

There are 3 reasons that why shipment tracking problems occur.

  • ① The courier does not update the order information in time. It is the most common reason why it is hard to update cross-border package status. Due to the long-distance and many supply chain processes, many logistics companies do not renew the data promptly, resulting in tracking failures.

  • ② The shipment is still in the distribution center, and there is no transshipment information.

  • ③ Generally, it is not a problem if you can't find the updates within 2-3 days after handing the packages to a shipping provider. Still, if it exceeds five days or a week, you should consider changing to a courier. The long dwell time means either the goods are lost, or the courier does not have such a business.

In the latter situation, you can check whether your courier partners offer express shipment tracking services. If they don't, you should be vigilant about it.

The seller has too many fulfillment orders, or the courier's order processing is complicated.

This situation is widespread, especially in peak seasons such as Black Friday, Christmas, etc. Sellers need to manage order shipping, delivery tracking, and system updates one by one. The workload is enormous and challenging.

Solutions for parcel tracking

All-in-one tracking software can provide accurate information about each part of the shipping process, such as package transportation, sorting, transshipment, last-mile delivery, etc. All the above information can help reduce the loss of profit caused by logistics.

It can significantly improve the shopping experience and brand popularity to a certain extent.

For sellers, courier tracking can bring great convenience to sellers with its three significant advantages. Here is how all-in-one tracking software can help sellers to turn problems into profits.

  • ① When you need to check the package status, enter the parcel tracking number, and the parcel tracking notice will display immediately.

  • ② Through the feedback, you can confirm whether the product package is delivered to the customer within the designated time. Suppose the customer does not receive the packages as the courier predicts. In that case, you can analyze the data to determine whether the problem is worthy of continuing the partnership.

  • ③ When the courier knows that sellers monitor their operations, they are less likely to be indifferent. Customers can also benefit from parcel tracking services. They can plan to receive the parcels in advance to prevent parcel loss, delivery time mismatch, etc.

A package tracking software can significantly improve the efficiency of transportation and provide customers with assurance. This service has become one of the means to attract more returned customers.


Long delivery time, high shipping fee, complicated customs clearance, challenging Product Return, inaccurate & delayed shipment tracking information are the problems that every cross-border eCommerce seller faces.

Although we can't solve these problems permanently, it is possible to reduce the occurrence possibility. There is a list of all-in-one order tracking software for eCommerce sellers. They can help you lower cross-border eCommerce logistics risk and improve sales. Find the online shipment tracking software that suits you the best now!

KeyDelivery is an affordable eCommerce tracking software created for express courier tracking and fulfillment tracking. now to make cross-border tracking easy and cheap with your inventory management software and order management software! The integration won't affect your existing order management system and change your eCommerce data.

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Grow your business with KeyDelivery!

  • Integration with 1200+ carriers.
  • Access the best discounts for USPS, DHL, UPS, and more.
  • KeyDelivery is free for 500 shipments each month.
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