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Ecommerce News Today-Walmart has launched a self-driving car delivery service


ecommerce news

1. Google unveiled the third-party payment fee ratio: 4% lower than the in-app payment fee.

On November 9th, according to a report from Businesskorea, Google announced that it would allow third-party payments to comply with the "Telecom Business Law."

At present, Google's in-app payment fees are divided into 30%, 15%, and 10%. In September this year, South Korea's amendment to the "Telecom Business Law," known as the "Anti-Google Law," was formally implemented. The bill prohibits mobile phone application operators from imposing their payment systems on software developers. It also allows the government to investigate application operators to prevent user losses and protect user rights.

2. Beauty e-commerce platform ThirteenLune receives US$3 million in seed round financing.

On November 9th, Thirteen Lune, a beauty e-commerce platform, has received $3 million in seed round financing. The lead investor is the venture capital firm, Fearless Fund. The follow-up investors are Gwyneth Paltrow and Gregg Renfrew.

This round of funding will help Thirteen Lune develop its product line, strengthen the supply chain and build a management team. According to official website information, Thirteen Lune was founded by Nyakio Grieco in Los Angeles, the USA, in 2020 to support beauty brands founded by people of color. Thirteen Lune has introduced 100 brands, 90% created by blacks, aboriginals, and people of color.

3. Australian food retailer Woolworths reduces delivery costs.

Woolworths recently announced a comprehensive reduction of distribution costs, providing online shoppers with more favorable shipping rates when the goods are delivered on time.

Woolworths' e-commerce sales in the third quarter of 2021 were 3.5 billion Australian dollars, a year-on-year increase of nearly 75%. Woolworths' overall reform of its delivery service is to attract more consumers to shop on its platform and compete with other retailers for the online grocery market.

4. Microsoft Bing launched a new online shopping function: support price comparison and historical price review.

On November 9th, the Bing search engine introduced a new online shopping function. Specifically, consumers can search for products to check the product popularity, the prices of multiple stores, and the transaction status.

Bing will rank the products by "sales volume," "price reduction," and the store's transaction ranking when searching for products. Bing also simplifies the payment process by launching a quick checkout feature on the Edge browser to quickly facilitate consumers to place orders.

5. Carrefour unveiled a 3 billion euros e-commerce investment plan.

On November 9th, Carrefour announced a 3 billion euros e-commerce investment plan. The goal is to increase the output value of online sales in 2026 by two times. Carrefour believes that digital expansion will raise an additional return of 600 million euros.

By 2026, Carrefour's e-commerce GMV will reach 10 billion euros. The return on investment of e-commerce will increase by 200 million euros in 2026. The return on investment brought by digitalization will increase by 600 million euros over 2021. Carrefour started a comprehensive digital transformation in 2018, transforming its traditional retail business.

Earlier this year, Carrefour bought a minority stake in French food delivery company Cajoo and established a partnership with Uber.

6. Brazilian e-commerce Mercado Livre launches a live shopping platform.

On November 9th, Brazilian e-commerce "Mercado Livre" launched the "Mercado Livre Live" live broadcast platform.

Mercado Livre has cooperated with 100 brands and suppliers to prepare for the first phase of the live broadcast. Its goal in the second phase is to attract more merchants to join the platform. In the third phase, Mercado Livre hopes that independent sellers and individuals can broadcast their goods on the platform.

The live broadcast brand can work in its five new shooting studios and choose an address of its own. Mercado Livre will provide a series of live broadcast tools so that the brand can successfully bring the goods.

7. Amazon promotes Amazon Pay.

On November 9th, Amazon announced that users who use Amazon Pay would receive a series of discounts, including online and in-store shopping.

Amazon Pay is a mobile payment service launched by Amazon in 2015. AmazonPay payment business currently covers the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, India, etc. It is worth noting that Amazon announced that it would invest 10 billion rupees in competing with other Indian payment giants during the upcoming Diwali and accelerate its expansion.

8. Vietnam's e-commerce revenue reached US$11.8 billion in 2020.

On November 9th, according to Vietnamdaily, at a recent seminar on the future of Vietnam's digital economy, experts revealed that Vietnam's e-commerce revenue in 2020 will reach US$11.8 billion, a growth rate of 18%.

According to the report, more than 70% of Vietnam's population has been online. Nearly 50% of consumers have tried online shopping, and 53% have used e-wallets and online payments.

Le Thi Mai Anh, head of Vietnam Post's e-commerce and postal sales department, said that the Vietnamese market is expected to continue to increase in the future.

9. Shopify partners with Rebuy.

On November 9th, Shopify announced that it had reached a partnership with retail technology service provider Rebuy. Rebuy will add three categories of services to Shopify Plus, including conversion optimization, personalization, and upsell and checkout conversion.

This cooperation will upgrade the marketing services and shopping cart technology for Shopify sellers to gain insight into the market more quickly, make judgments, and formulate strategies.

Rebuy was established in 2017, and its technology can be used to support the improvement of product conversion rates and increase the average order value. Benefiting from Rebuy, Kion, a merchant on Shopify, said its product conversion rate has increased by 86%. The average order value has increased by 19%.

10. Walmart has launched a self-driving car delivery service.

On November 9th, Wal-Mart announced that it would use uncrewed trucks to transport online grocery orders to strengthen Wal-Mart's mid-mile delivery service. Gatik's self-driving vehicles can help Wal-Mart reduce logistics costs by as much as 30%, alleviating labor shortages and supply chain disruptions during peak seasons. At present, the uncrewed vehicle delivery service has been implemented in Arkansas. It continues to be tested in the New Orleans area.

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