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Ecommerce News-Apple Will Focus on AI, AR, and Automation


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1. Canadian grocery delivery startup, Tiggy, completes $6.35 million in seed round financing

On December 14th, Tiggy, a grocery delivery startup headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, announced that it had completed a $6.35 million seed round of financing.

Bisovka plans to double the number of SKUs on the platform and open two new stores in Vancouver with the new funding. In addition, Tiggy intends to open 350 order fulfillment centers across the country by 2024.

Tiggy was founded in July 2021, focusing on 15-minute delivery services, and supporting online platform sales. In September of this year, Tiggy launched an online store with more than 1,400 SKUs, including staple foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

2. Amazon plans to launch new grocery delivery services in the US and Europe

On December 14th, Amazon plans to expand a new grocery delivery service similar to Instacart to the United States and Europe in 2022. This service was launched in the UK last year. Customers can order and enjoy grocery delivery services from the "two major UK supermarkets" through the Amazon platform Morrisons Supermarket and Co-op Supermarket. The service works with Amazon Flex's delivery platform to deliver goods within one day.

3. Amazon is considering restoring the ban on mobile phones in warehouses

In the past few years, Amazon prohibited employees from bringing mobile phones into the warehouse and required them to put their mobile phones in the car or the locker before entering the warehouse.

This ban was not entirely carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, it is now gradually restored in warehouses across the United States. Five Amazon employees said that they hope to learn about this type of severe weather information through their mobile phones as soon as possible without the company's interference.

4. Cook: Apple will focus on AI, AR, and automation in the future

On December 13th, in an interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook brought more information about the Cupertino technology giant, not only about the latest smartphones, tablets, accessories, and computers.

Cook said that Apple will focus on three major areas: artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and automation, especially when the world evolves into a more complex digital world.

5. Amazon Cloud Technology launches Amazon Cloud WAN

On December 13th, Amazon Cloud Technology announced the launch of Amazon Cloud WAN, a fully managed wide-area network service. According to reports, Amazon Cloud WAN can connect local data centers, branches, and cloud resources, simplifying global network operations.

Amazon Cloud WAN is now available on the east and west coast of the United States, Africa (Cape Town), Asia Pacific (Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney), Asia (Tokyo), Europe (Ireland), Europe, South America (Sao Paulo). Other Amazon cloud technology regions will be launched later.

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6. Flipkart is negotiating to lead Ninjacart's US$100 million financings

According to The Economic Times, Flipkart is negotiating whether to lead a financing round of approximately US$100 million for agricultural product provider Ninjacart.

Ninjacart's valuation may jump from the previous US$500 million level to around US$750-800 million after this round of financing. In addition, sources said that Flipkart's parent company Wal-Mart might also participate in this round of funding.

7. African e-commerce platform Jumia increased its sales value by 30% during this year's Black Friday.

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) report released by the African e-commerce platform showed that the value of platform sales during Black Friday this year increased by 30% to US$150 million.

The most popular products on the site are consumer products, followed by beauty and fashion products. Before this, the e-commerce platform launched more behind-the-scenes stores to expand its grocery category. Based on the third-quarter results, this result seems to be paying off.

8. Amazon launches seller center partner website

On December 13th, Amazon announced that it had merged the two sales tools, Marketplace Appstore and Service Provider Network, into the Amazon Seller Center partner website. (ASCPN).

The website has more than 5,000 third-party software and service partners. Sellers can use these third-party software or service partners to manage product research, fill out tax forms, or build customized reports.

9. Amazon sellers will be required to pay VAT service fees from next year

Amazon announced that its VAT service will update its fee structure in 2022, and sellers will pay VAT service fees.

Starting from January 1st, 2022, Amazon sellers registered for VAT service will be charged monthly. From the first month of VAT declaration and financial declaration, 33.3 Euros will be charged each month.

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Grow your business with KeyDelivery!

  • Integration with 1200+ carriers.
  • Access the best discounts for USPS, DHL, UPS, and more.
  • KeyDelivery is free for 500 shipments each month.
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