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6 eCommerce news: Shopee may enter Poland this fall


1. Amazon will build eight large warehouses in Germany and recruit 3,000 employees.

Amazon recently announced that it would build eight large warehouses in Germany by 2022 and recruit 3,000 employees in the next few months. Amazon said the plan is for meeting consumers' growing online shopping needs and expand product delivery scope.

Amazon stated that it would build eight new warehouses in 8 locations: Dummerstorf, Erding, Friedrichsdorf, Helmstedt, Hof/Gattendorf, Neu-Ulm, Weiterstadt, 4 of which will be used to store, package, and transport goods, and 3 of them will be used for goods delivery. And the last one is used as a sorting center.

2. Indian e-commerce enablement platform Dukaan receives US$11 million in funding.

The Indian e-commerce enablement platform Dukaan received an $11 million Pre-A round of funding led by 640 Oxford Ventures. Nearly a year has passed since the Bangalore-based startup received $6 million in seed funding from the last time.

This round of funding was led by Snow Leopard Ventures, Lightspeed Partners, Matrix Partners India, Venture Catalyst, and new venture capital companies HOF Capital, Old Well Ventures, LetsVenture, etc., as well as some angel fundings, including Oyo's Ritesh Agarwal and Carl Pei.

Dukaan said in a press release that the new funding would help the company expand its business, build a strong team and grow its paid users.

3. eBay updates SpeedPAK logistics management policy

eBay issued a notice regarding essential updates to SpeedPAK's logistics management policy (from now on referred to as the announcement).

eBay updated the SpeedPAK logistics management policy based on the original logistics requirements. For direct mail products sold to Germany, Italy, and Spain with a unit price of more than 150 euros (excluding shipping costs), the policy will require sellers to provide 100% of the SpeedPAK EU DDU Logistics options or express logistics options.

And sellers need to use SpeedPAK standard services that match the logistics options or express logistics services that meet the policy requirements. The policy assessment will officially take effect on September 12, 2021.

4. Shopee may enter Poland this fall.

Shopee plans to enter Poland to start its European expansion this fall.

The domain name "" has been purchased, and sellers can register before October. After-sales service personnel for Polish-speaking users is also being recruited.

MoviesOnline said that Shopee would waive the sales commission for the first six months of the seller's account, and sellers can also access all the functions of its sales management and analysis tools. Shopee will also provide buyers with free shipping in the first six months after the launch. Shopee said that regardless of the size of the buyer's order, the choice of parcel lockers, or door-to-door delivery, sellers and customers do not need to pay for the delivery.

In addition, Shopee will also provide 250 PLN coupons to Polish sellers. The coupons will be given to sellers who have published at least 30 discounted products and provide 10% discounts to at least 5% of these products. The promotion will last from October 2021 to March 2022.

5. AliExpress parcel locker in Spain.

AliExpress announced a parcel locker service in Spain, supported by the Cainiao logistics network, to improve its order delivery experience in Spain and compete with Amazon logistics.

AliExpress has set up the first 200 parcel lockers in Madrid and Barcelona. In the next few months, AliExpress plans to expand the service to more cities to set up more than 600 lockers by the end of the year. Buyers using this service will pick up the package by scanning the QR code or entering the pickup code.

6. South Asian e-commerce company Daraz launches Daraz Live function to help sellers sell products.

South Asian e-commerce company Daraz announced the launch of Daraz Live on its app to help sellers promote products. According to reports, this is Nepal's first in-app shopping live broadcast. From September 1, 2021, this feature can support users on the Android platform, and from September 6 on, it can be used on IOS devices.

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