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About KeyDelivery Multi Carrier Tracking API


Send Tracking Updates to Customers

Send customer JD Logistics parcel notifications via multiple channels to reduce where-is-my-order calls and increase the post-purchase experience.

Generate Additional Sales from Tracking Page

Design your own branded tracking page and direct your customers to track JD Logistics shipments on a tracking page on your store for additional purchases.

JD Logistics Post-Shipping Automation

Fully integrate JD Logistics tracking functionality into your all store.

Access to 1200+ Couriers

Auto-tracks shipments with 1200+ shipping providers across the globe in no time.

Blazing-fast Integration

Check out our documentation and integrate JD Logistics tracking functionality easily.

About KeyDelivery Multi Carrier Shipping API

Exclusive Shipping Discounts

Ship your packages with the lowest possible rates from our discounted carriers such as USPS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, and many more.

Create Shipping Labels in Bulk

Input your package details in our existing CSV. order file to automatically print labels in minutes.

Connect Your Store and Sync Orders

Seamlessly integrated with leading eCommerce platforms and sync all your sales channels to easily manage orders and generate pre-filled labels through a single integration.

Multi Carrier Access

Compare shipping rates, create labels, schedule pickups, and get updated tracking numbers across USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and dozens of others in one place.

Developer Friendly

Intuitive shipping API lets you manage your flows within your own system. See docs.

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Shipping & Parcel Tracking FAQ

  • How to ship packages with JD Logistics API on my website store?

    After connecting your online store with KeyDelivery, you need to fill in the shipping information in KeyDelivery. Then schedule shipping and wait for the pick-up.
  • How to track JD Logistics packages on my website store?

    After connecting your online store with KeyDelivery, you can build a free branded parcel tracking page for your website and provide an optimal website experience for your customers. What you need to do is create a new tab on your website for the parcel tracking page URL.
  • How to use the JD Logistics shipping calculator?

    JD Logistics offers a free shipping rate calculator for all customers. You can use the tool here.
  • How to integrate KeyDelivery JD Logistics API with my eCommerce store?

    It is easy to integrate KeyDelivery with {carrier name} shipping and tracking API. If you are using an online store builder such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, or Magento. You can install KeyDelivery directly on the marketplace. If you are not using an online store creator, please follow our API documentation to integrate KeyDelivery with your website.
  • How to check JD Logistics shipping restrictions?

    JD Logistics has specific restrictions on what you can ship. It is recommended to read through the prohibited articles and restrictions before shipping your packages.
    You can visit the checklist on JD Logistics.

About KeyDelivery Tracking and Shipping API

KeyDelivery is an affordable shipping and convenient tracking tool for eCommerce platforms and online sellers. We offer all the power shipping tools for your eCommerce business. KeyDelivery now supports over 1200+ courier shipping & tracking operation services.

JD Logistics tracking and shipping API integration is available in KeyDelivery. There are more details about JD Logistics shipping API documentation. A tool gives you control over your shipments. Stay informed using the API and get updates in one click now.

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